The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/3/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Ah, how I love 90 degree October days!

Megan picks up an, oh, so precious, Hope and coos at her. Stephanie drops by, and Megan tells her that Brooke is out doing laundry in the main house, as she gives Hope over to her. Stephanie and Megan both agree that it is extraordinary that she is helping to raise Hope with Brooke. Megan thinks that Stephanie feels Brooke will never change. Stephanie admits that Brooke's reckless pattern is well set, but she's attempting to be a better person. She just hopes that no matter what temptation comes along, Brooke will be able to resist. Megan seconds that notion.

In the main house, Eric has grabbed Brooke's hand as they both are on the floor cleaning up her spilled fruit. Brooke looks at Eric, and asks him if he is going to help her or not. He does just that, and they clean up the mess. Brooke says that if she had known he would be back, she would have used his washer in the morning. Eric explains how Stephanie cut the night short. There are some awkward moments of silence, and Brooke excuses herself to go check on the laundry, but Eric stops her from leaving.

At Insomnia, CJ prepares a special table with "Reserved" marked on it, presumably for Bridget. He shows it to Darla. She thinks it's nice, but exchanges the sunflower on the table for a rose. I guess that looks sexier? CJ says this isn't a proposal, so he thinks the rose is a little much. Darla says that he, obviously, went to a lot of trouble for this so he should go all the way. Hahah! Whoops, double meaning that Darla didn't intend. She laughs about it anyway. Haha, then CJ refers to Darla as "Einstein," which is her actual last name, if you didn't know it. He changes the flowers back. Darla says he can do what he wants, but he better not come crying to her when Bridget gets tired of waiting for CJ to get on the ball. Just then, Darla spots Mark's picture from Bridget's school package, and is instantly attracted. Okay, his picture is good, I guess, but I swear it looks like a model shot, almost like Lance's, rather than a bio pic. CJ explains who he is.

At the cafeteria in the hospital, Mark tells a story about how he almost lost a patient, but then he was totally conscious, and asking for a burger. Bridget thinks that is amazing. Mark explains there is a darker side to medicine: losing a patient. Why do I think that is going to happen today? The writers are so damn transparent. Bridget wonders how he gets through it. Mark says he listens to Metallica, and plays the drums to it. Mark goes through a philosophy about not taking the easy road in life. Oh, most definitely! Hear that PRTM majors? Hehe. Mark also adds that Bridget can kiss any life she had outside of the hospital goodbye. Wait, so I didn't think undergrads worked in hospitals. I thought that was after you got done with med-school.

Darla teases CJ about how good looking Bridget's mentor is. CJ says that there is nothing to worry about, and besides, Bridget didn't go to med-school to pick up guys. So wait, now she is in med-school? Huh? And is Rick still in school? He still has one more year of business classes before he has his degree. Darla thinks Bridget already has the man of her dreams in CJ. Darla splits, but not before calling CJ a "big guy."

Apparently, Bridget has given up coffee. Oh shoot, look at the parallels. She gives up coffee and CJ!?! Both involve coffee houses! Haha! Bridget says it will be hard to never drink coffee again, especially since she works at Insomnia. Mark has never heard of the place, because he just moved to LA. Bridget offers to show him around town, but he doesn't think she'll have any spare time. Mark is so obvious when he asks if Bridget's boyfriend would mind. Bridget says she doesn't have a boyfriend, but then corrects herself, and says that she and the guy are taking it slow, and it isn't serious. Dr. Steve Rauker comes in, and introduces himself to Bridget. Steve is impressed with Mark's save earlier. He tells Bridget that if she wants to be impressed, she should ask Mark about his Africa trip. Hmm, okay? I guess he can't give blood because of his foreign travels. Either Steve is supposed to be a boring character, or the actor just blows. He didn't put much feeling into any of his sentences. Well anyway, Bridget is intrigued by his work in Africa. Mark explains that the group he was with would go to refugee camp to help with the AIDS crisis and any other health problems. Mark says it was tough, but worthwhile. Bridget jokes that Mark is Superman.

Brooke comes in with her clean laundry, and starts to fold it. She tells Eric she isn't sure if this is a good idea, because of what happened the other night. They really shouldn't be alone together. Eric still says that the kiss didn't mean anything, and his invitation to stay was only because he thought she was hungry. They talk about how he used to cook back when they were first married. She would be up late with Rick, and Eric would come down and feed her. Brooke still wishes they could have given their kids a stable home life. Eric asks if Brooke ever thinks about them together, starting over. Eric says he has been thinking about that alot lately.

Stephanie tip toes out from the bedroom because she finally got Hope to sleep. She wonders what is taking Brooke so long. Megan points out that Brooke isn't very domestic. They laugh and Stephanie thinks she is probably caught up in a magazine. Megan loses her smile and agrees that is probably it. Stephanie leaves Megan to wait for Brooke. Megan kinda sternly says that it better be a magazine that Brooke is into, after Stephanie leaves. Wow.

Eric thinks it would thrill the kids. Brooke says that Stephanie would be devastated. She knows that Stephanie sees herself coming back to this house one day. She advises Eric to not let Stephanie slip away.

Eric is frustrated that Stephanie isn't reciprocating his feelings. Brooke thinks maybe she is flirting with him. She gives him some advice. He should go over to the guest house, and sweep Stephanie off her feet. Brooke leaves to go home for the night.

CJ waits for Bridget to arrive, and re-exchanges the rose for the sunflower again. Bridget finally arrives, but she isn't alone. Mark is with her. Doh! CJ observes how much Bridget is talking and laughing with him, and starts to get mad. Apparently, Bridget's battery died, and he couldn't get it started. He was just giving her a ride. Bridget promises to stay off the coffee. Mark leaves, and Bridget smiles and gazes off. Bridget doesn't notice that he left, and wanders off to her apartment. She doesn't see CJ. CJ takes the rose out of the vase on the table, and throws it on the table.

Megan wonders what Brooke was doing up there so long. Brooke promises that nothing happened, and nothing will happen. Megan leaves to send those reports in. Brooke observes Eric go over to Stephanie's house, sees him kiss Stephanie, and then she lets him in. Brooke has a slightly disappointed look on her face. NOOO!

Go Clemson and Atlanta!