The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/2/02

Written by Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Megan brings some papers for Brooke to sign at the guest house. They talk about how Bridget is probably meeting her new "mentor," which by the way, is a lot more serious than advisor, right now. Megan thinks the guy better watch out, Bridget could teach him some things. Brooke signs her papers, and Megan notes to Hope how her mom is changing from being a mother to a CEO really fast. Okay, she signed a form. If that's a qualification of being a CEO, then I've been one for hmm, 17-18 years. Megan notices Brooke say she is "trying to swear off men," and guesses she has met someone. Brooke says she hasn't, but reveals that Eric kissed her. Megan asks her how the kiss was. Brooke says it was nice, prompting Megan to say that they've been down this road before.

At Cafe Russe, Eric and Stephanie talk about the previous evening. Eric thought the evening was a great success, but Stephanie says that Brooke wasn't so sure. Apparently, she didn't make as much progress with Bridget as she would have liked. Eric flashes back to his kiss with Brooke. Stephanie thinks Brooke underestimates what she accomplished last night, but warns Eric that they shouldn't push Bridget. She suggests he help her get along better with Bridget. Eric isn't sure about this, and says that Brooke needs to fight her own battles and deal with her own problems without his help. Stephanie was merely suggesting a little hand holding, and wonders why he can't do that.

At the hospital, Bridget gets off the elevator, and asks a nurse where Dr. Mark McLean (sp?) is. The closed captioning lady spelled it this way, but I'm not so sure. The nurse says he'll be out in a minute. She notices Bridget's nervousness. She says Mark isn't like anything she has ever seen. Mark helps some staff with a patient, and tells them to get the guy a head CT stat! Bridget goes over and introduces herself after the patient is wheeled to the elevator. Just then, the alarm beeps on Mr. Atkins' (the guy waiting for the CT) gurney. An attendant notices he isn't breathing, and Mark quickly intervenes. Mrs. Atkins is frantic. Mark notices that the guy's throat is so swollen he can't even see his vocal cords. He asks Mrs. Atkins if her husband smokes. A pack a day! Doh! Turns out this is Reinke's Edema. The attendant is bagging him. They can't intubate so Mark cuts his throat, and gets a tube in that way. Mark lets them all go up to the OR. Now, back to Bridget. Bridget is taken aback by what just happened.

Brooke puts Hope down for a nap. Damn, that baby is quiet. Brooke says she is not going after a married man, but was tempted because she'd like to get it right with Eric this time. Megan says that her marrying Eric won't help her kids' stability. Megan advises her to keep her priorities straight. Thank you, Megan. Brooke doesn't want to jeopardize her relationship with Stephanie. She ruined Stephanie's relationship once, and she won't do it again. Megan is proud of Brooke's new resolve to be a better person. On that note, Brooke has to do laundry for Hope since Helen is out of town, and has some music to listen too. Megan lets her go wash clothes using Eric's washer, and watches Hope. Brooke tells her that Eric is out with Stephanie tonight, so there isn't anything to worry about.

Eric agrees to help Brooke out. They move on to talk about each other. Eric proposes that she move back in with him in the main house. Stephanie wonders why playing gin rummy with Helen isn't enough for Eric. Snicker. Stephanie says she isn't ready to move back in. Eric says she has made her point. Stephanie feels he has learned his lesson, but he has other priorities, like Brooke's kids. Eric jokes that Brooke is such a large part of the meal that she should pay the check. Eric says he can multi-task his kids and a relationship with Stephanie. Stephanie suggests that he "court" her. Stephanie tells him he has already won, but Eric isn't too keen on courting her. He does say he'll do it.

Mark asks Bridget what she thinks of the place. Bridget sarcastically says that she hopes she can find something to hold her attention this year. Better yet, that was a double entendre. Mark picks up on it, and smiles. Mrs. Atkins come downstairs, and thanks Mark for his help in saving her husband's life, and says he will never smoke again. Bridget is impressed with his skills with the patient. Mark takes her on a tour of the hospital.

In the cafeteria, Bridget asks Mark how he knew that was Reinke's Edema. He saw a few cases while he was overseas. He says the eastern world hasn't figured out that nicotine and tar produces poison. Bridget lets him know she doesn't smoke, but he notices she does like the coffee. She wonders how bad that really is. He says that once she has opened up a few "java junkies" stomachs she'll know. Umm, eww. Well let's see I usually drink water, but then I found out Clemson tap water had lead in it, so I probably hurt myself there. I also drink milk and OJ. My favorite soda is Ginger Ale. (It's caffeine free, you know.) Oh yeah, and I drink alcohol. Doh! 10 years off my life there. Oh well. Mark asks Bridget why she's into medicine. She says that she always has dreamt of being a doctor. Also, being around fashion people her whole life made her want to do something deeper. Mark realizes she is a Forrester, and jokes that her family made standing in line at the grocery store tolerable. Bridget admits the fashion world can be like a roller coaster, but she got a real rush out of seeing him save the patient earlier. Mark says that she'll have to save a lot of patients to impress him. Turns out he personally asked for Bridget because she scored the highest on the entrance exam. He expects a lot from her. He didn't figure that she would be so damn cute. Bridget is surprised, but then gives a look like she is saying "I don't hate to brag, but you're right." Who the hell is this doctor? I thought that was a tad bit inappropriate, but whatever, take the compliment.

Brooke has her headphones on, and hums to the music as she enters the main house looking for the washer. She notices a picture of Stephanie and Eric, and says Stephanie is a very lucky woman.

Outside, Eric and Stephanie walk to his door. She thanks him for a lovely evening. He offers her to stay the night, she playfully declines his advances, and they say goodnight. Eric heads in the back door, and sees Brooke raiding his fridge. She's got her headphones on, and doesn't hear him call her name. She's really enjoying the food she finds, but is embarrassed when Eric turns the light on, and she's caught chowing down on a piece of fruit. She apologizes for raiding his fridge. She was just using his washer and dryer. Eric says she looks beautiful. When there is some awkward silence, Brooke tries to move towards the door, and drops her fruit all over the floor. As they both try and scramble for the fruit, Eric touches Brooke's hand, and they stare at each other.

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