The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  10/1/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Happy October!

Okay I haven’t commented in a while about the huge montage of characters B&B has compared to a year ago, or even more, so 2 years ago. I don’t have a problem with it, if they actually use the characters. I guess my comments are being sparked by the recent character removals. Of course, you all know that Ziggy is now a re-occurring character, but Taylor and Whip are gone. Next, there are characters like Megan, who never really had a big part, and who we haven’t seen really at all in the last few months. Clarke has not had any kind of a role since his tango with Morgan (the thing with Kristen marrying Tony was a far cry from a real role). Also, Tony hasn’t been seen much since the Spectra showing in July, and hadn’t really been seen much since he and Kristen found Zende, who is MIA as well. Kristen and Thorne only appear when we’re at Forrester parties or at work, which I wouldn’t really call being in an active storyline. Sally will always be a part of things, but her real role now is as CJ’s mom, and we’ll probably only see her halfway involved in that. And last, there’s Deacon. I know, I know, he hasn’t been fired, and he’ll have a storyline eventually, but for now he’s really inactive. So, not including Sally, there are 9 people on the opening theme that really don’t do much at all. This just leaves the usuals: Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Brooke, Mass, Sheila, CJ, Erica, Sally, Rick, Amber, and Bridget. Which is just about the number of active characters from 2 years ago when the show had a smaller cast. The difference is most all of the characters on the opening were actually doing something. Now, almost half of them do nothing. I guess if they have room they’ll bring back the models I refer to as “Stripes Lady,” “Zipper Hand Lady,” and “Hat with Ribbon Lady.” Otherwise know as “The Bold” “And The” “Beautiful,” respectively.

Oh yeah, and I just read the Courtnee Draper taped her last scenes. Apparently, her story line has come to an end. Hmm, what could that mean? I thought she signed a 2-year deal. Oh geez.

Eric keeps on thinking about and recalling his kiss with Brooke. Oh man, Stephanie is gonna be pissed. Brooke comes in his office to clear the air about all this. She feels pretty bad about what happened, and says that she wants to end it all here. She can’t do this to Stephanie. Thank you Brooke! Eric agrees, and informs Brooke that if she hadn’t have ran away scared when he kissed her, he’d have been able to explain it to her then. Brooke admits that she was pretty freaked out about all this. This prompts Eric to ask about whether or not she is surprised at his feelings for her, or her feelings for him. Brooke doesn’t admit much, and they both decide to not go there again, but you know how things work on this show.

Stephanie visits Bridget, and they talk about the previous evening. Bridget isn’t sure if she is ready to trust Brooke again. Stephanie believes that Miss Logan has really changed. Bridget mentions how close Brooke and her dad seem, but Stephanie says the relationship isn’t romantic at all. They are just there for Bridget and Rick. Bridget does think that with a little more time, she and Brooke will be able to have a more normal mother/daughter relationship.

CJ visits with his mom, and talks to her about Bridget’s dinner with her parents. Sally advises him to continue to be a good friend to Bridget. She really needs him, and he is good for her. CJ is concerned about Bridget getting hurt by her mom again, but thinks that her parent’s attempt at a stable family isn’t in vain. Sally isn’t sure, but tells CJ that if he isn’t careful, someone else may come along and be the “friend” to Bridget. Okay, how freakin’ foreshadowing do we need to be. (Bridget’s mentor/advisor at school, Michael Dietz from Port Charles and Guiding Light is coming on screen tomorrow. Of course, he’s much older than her, so I don’t know about it.)

On that note, CJ brings Bridget her pre-med school packet with her class info and her advisor. Bingo! His photo is on the front, and Bridget notices how handsome he is. CJ doesn’t find that statement too amusing. Don’t worry CJ.

Stephanie visits Brooke to check up on her dinner last night. Brooke tells her it went well, but is very uncomfortable around Stephanie because of the kiss she shared with Eric last night.  (There is more to come here, check back later)