The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/30/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

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Big things, Sheila dodges Stephanie, and Eric kisses Brooke!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. (Yay! The sun finally came out!)

Sheila knocks on Mass’ door and sings, “It’s me. The mystery woman.” Stephanie turns to Mass, and whispers who is at the door. When Sheila knocks again, Stephanie gives the door a surprised look and notes that she is an eager beaver. Mass seems more annoyed than anything through all this. Stephanie wonders what would happen if she answered the door and motions like she is going towards the door, but thinks maybe Mass should open his own door. Sheila can hear voices through the door, and hears Mass say that wouldn’t be a good idea. He says he doesn’t want the two of them fighting over him. Stephanie says she wouldn’t want that either, and that isn’t why she came over. But, she would like to meet her. Stephanie opens the door, but no one is there. She apologizes to Mass, but then says she has to go. Mass says he is sorry, too, and Stephanie goes to the elevator. She gets on and heads down. Behind a plant on the penthouse hallway, Sheila hides. When she sees the coast is clear, she walks out and speaks aloud how that couldn’t have been ol’ Steffers.

Eric, Brooke, Rick, and Bridget continue their dinner. It’s pretty quiet at first, but then Rick jokes how he can’t imagine his sister being a doctor. Brooke thinks she’ll be an excellent one, and so does Eric. The writers throw in buzzwords like “undergraduates” and “MCAT” to make this whole thing legit. The family moves on to talk about how horrible Eric dressed in the 70’s (sideburns, polyester, and gold chains). Eric says it was a good look for him, and is thinking of bringing back the sideburns. Bridget tells him to not even joke about that. Wow, their family is almost as insulting as my family. Hehe.

Mass’ doorbell is rung, and he thinks it’s Stephanie, but of course, is surprised to see Sheila there. Sheila tells her she didn’t let the other woman see her. Mass says he has been hoping to run into her. Sheila deduces that the other woman is the woman Mass is in love with, despite his denials. Mass finally admits it, but says it ended tonight. Sheila is rather heartbroken and then Mass says “Here we are again.” I can totally see the irony. See, Sheila was always playing second fiddle to Stephanie when it came to Eric, so this is all déjà vu. Mass senses something is wrong.

Stephanie pays Ridge a visit, and conveniently, Taylor is out with the kids at a burger place. Ridge is playing warden to Amber who is up in her “cell” at the moment. Stephanie is disappointed that the kids aren’t there, because she wanted to read them a story. The conversation moves on to Eric, and what’s going on with him. Stephanie explains the family dinner, and how Eric and Stephanie have decided that for the time being, Bridget needs to be his priority.

The family finishes the dinner. Eric says that next time he’ll cook. MMM. BBQ! Brooke wants to bring the camaraderie back to the office. Later, Rick and Bridget go play Marco Polo in the pool, and leave their parents to talk.

Mass tries to figure out why Sheila has a problem with Stephanie. Sheila basically puts an end to their relationship, and says they can never have a future. Mass wonders what he has done. Sheila says it isn’t anything he has done, but he is in love with her. Mass reiterates that it is over, but then realizes that Sheila knows Stephanie. Sheila denies that they are friends, and says he needs to forget about her and leaves his pent house.

Bridget remarks that she wants to defend her Marco-Polo reign o’ terror, but it's mighty cold outside. Instead the two of them talk. Rick wishes he had been there to see her get her award. Bridget says it was amazing to see Brooke and Eric walk in together. She’s noticed how they’ve been acting, and doesn’t think it has to do with Stephanie’s influence. Rick agrees he has noticed something odd, too.

Up on the terrace, Brooke and Eric watch their kids talk. Brooke and Eric agree that they have great kids, but she feels so bad they have had such problems lately. I don’t even need to go there. They agree that their kids have the terrific combination of Eric’s cool head and Brooke’s fightin’ spirit.

Ridge agrees that Rick and Bridget need guidance, but he knows his dad has “needs,” too. Stephanie says that Eric’s needs aren’t open for discussion and neither are hers! Hehe. Ridge wonders if Stephanie is ready to start over with Eric. She wants to take it slow, but is moving in that general direction. She knows it’s only a matter of time before they get back together.

Rick and Bridget notice their parents are no longer watching them. They talk about Eric and Brooke getting back together. Bridget has gotten her hopes up before, but says it will take more than smiles and dinners to get them back together.

Eric says they all needed tonight. Brooke thinks that Eric is mostly responsible for how their kids turned out. She realizes she did the best she could with what she knew, but now that she has Hope, she’s really had a wake up call in parenting skills. She also really appreciates Eric’s influence on her kids, now that she is a single mother. She thanks him for all his help. Eric says they made wonderful things together and then, suddenly kisses Brooke. Brooke doesn’t pull away, but has a look like she doesn’t know why he had to do that.