The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/26/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Okay, I was walking to class this afternoon, and I found myself singing the "Ambrosia" jingle.  "Ambrosia smile, light up the world, Ambrosia style."  I think I’m officially nuts. 

Brooke tells Stephanie she needs just a couple of minutes, and then they can head out.  They’re in Brooke’s office.  Stephanie tells her this wasn’t necessary, but Brooke wanted to thank her for last night.  She’s taking her to lunch.  Brooke is on cloud nine after the progress she made with Bridget last night.  She thinks that because Bridget actually put her arm around her, she might be able to forgive her soon.  Stephanie tells her not to get ahead of herself. 

Bridget doesn’t want to hang her certificate from last night on the wall in her room, but CJ insists.  She plays the whole thing down, but we know she has to be pretty happy with herself.  After a little playful arguing CJ puts it on the wall.  CJ says he is happy her parents showed up last night.  She is, too.  Before they got there she was reminded of when she was in a play in 3rd grade and looking out and seeing everyone else’s mom but hers.  Bridget can’t remember the last time she saw her parents sitting together.  Bridget knows she can’t get caught up in the emotion, but for a brief instance, she felt like her family was together. 

Eric isn’t sure who appreciated the evening more: Brooke, Bridget, or him.  He and Rick are talking in his office.  Rick thinks things are looking up.  Eric wants them all to do things together more often.  Rick would settle for being in the same room at the same time.  Eric suggests they do something about it, say maybe tonight?  Dinner tonight at the main house, all four of them.  Rick isn’t sure that Bridget could make it, but even if she did, what makes him think she’ll come.  Eric says he isn’t going to give her any choice about it.  Rick doesn’t think Eric will be able to strong arm Bridget into coming.  Eric retorts that over the years in business he’s learned a few tricks.  Rick wonders if he would bribe her.  Eric resents the implication, but then asks him if he thinks that would work.  Rick then wonders what they would all do at this dinner.  Eric isn’t sure, but he knows they have to work to get the family back together.  They move on to talk about Rick and Amber.  Rick says he doesn’t know what to say to a confused Little Eric, especially after they visited Amber earlier this week.  Eric says that Rick has finally learned the secret that all fathers know:  They don’t have all the answers.  Rick isn’t sure this family thing will work tonight, but Eric says it will be a start anyway. 

Stephanie grills Brooke about being too confident when it comes to Bridget.  She reminds her she cannot push Bridget on this issue.  After all, she betrayed her.  Okay, Stephanie, we get it, but I think Brooke could at least be happy with the hope that someday things might be better.  Although, I do like this whole separation thing.  It really makes the characters so much more real.  They’re not so freakin’ dependent on each other.  Brooke says she isn’t going to stop trying.  Stephanie suggests she talk to Eric and get him to help smooth things with Bridget.  Brooke says that’s a coincidence because Eric suggested that last night.  Stephanie thinks that is great, and wants to go to lunch, NOW!

CJ and Bridget go over schedules.  She says she’ll take Raquel’s shift tonight, and Raquel will take a double shift over the weekend to cover for her.  When school starts she can work half days Wed. - Fri. and between two random classes Mon, Tues., Thurs.  Then CJ asks about nights.  Bridget is coy and says she is all his.  Okay, coy or not, most people have to study at night, especially if they are working in between classes and stuff.  If I had to work Mon -Fri for the majority of the evening, I would never get work done.  The phone rings to break up that moment.  It’s Eric, and he doesn’t give Bridget much chance to argue with the impromptu dinner tonight.  Bridget gets off the phone, and tells CJ she’s probably going to be a pain in his side. 

Rick notes that Eric forgot to mention that Brooke was coming.  Eric doesn’t seem interested, and leaves.  Brooke gets back from lunch and flashes back to when Hope was born.  It’s the scene where Bridget is holding a newborn Hope.  At the end, Bridget gives Hope back to Brooke, and tells her she is her only daughter now.  From now on, Brooke only has one daughter.  Eric stops by, and asks Brooke to the dinner, but admits that Bridget doesn’t know she is coming.  Brooke sarcastically says that is great and Eric is glad she agrees, and leaves, despite her yells for him to wait. 

Bridget can’t get anyone to cover for her tonight, and is about to call her dad to cancel, but CJ offers to cover for her.  Bridget thanks and complements CJ.

CJ plays down what he did, but Bridget finally gets him to admit he did a nice thing for her.  Bridget thanks CJ for all his help and support the last few weeks.  She tells him he has given her something to look forward to, and that he is the best friend she ever had.  CJ says he’s just returning the favor.  Bridget tells him that one day he won’t be afraid to admit his feelings.  The things he is feeling won’t be scary, and he won’t have to fear them being taken away from him.  Until then, she’ll do the talking for both of them.  Make out session gets underway here. 

Brooke stops by Eric’s office.  She tells him she isn’t sure about his idea.  What if Bridget walks out once she sees her there.  Eric says that if that happens, they’ll try again.  If they don’t try, they’ll never know.  He even says that she doesn’t have to feel alone in all this.  Eric will help keep things steady through the evening.  The two enjoy a hug, and I can see the writers starting to plant something here. 

Tomorrow: "Get it on!"  Sheila knocks on Mass’ door only to find old Steffers there with him. Sheila is freaking out about what to do.  Tomorrow..

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