The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  9/25/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Amberís painting her toenails and talking to Ginger on the telephone.  She tells her she would have loved to have sang the theme for her line, but being the designer, that might be overkill.  Also, her image ainít that great right now.  Sheís really excited because she has found out they found someone to sing it, and the messenger is coming over with the tape now.  The doorbell rings and Amber goes to the door, and gratefully take the package from him.  She goes over to her tape player and can hardly contain herself.  She listens to the jingle and loves it.  She becomes horrified when she sees Ericaís name on the tape.  She canít believe this. Ridge has just come up and heard her yells in anger at Erica.  He asks her if sheís having some problems.  She gives him the traditional go to hell look. 

Erica is all over Rick, and once again he moves to bring things down a bit.  He turns the music off and tells Erica heíd rather have just a dinner and a movie thing, not this whole extravagant dinner crap.  Rick tells her to just be herself.  My respect for Erica goes up when she just suggests they finish the food.  She tells Rick that she thinks tonight is going to turn out like she hoped.  (Meaning she didnít really want to sleep with Rick, because she isnít ready)  Rick and Erica talk about things in their past that they like, which leads Erica to go in for a kiss. (Level of respect went back down)  She tells Rick that she canít forget their kiss from the other night.  He tells her he felt sorry for her because her mother left her, that was all.  She doesnít buy that because he would have done something more platonic.   

Bridget enjoys the applause she gets for her award.  She goes over to CJ, who says he had nothing to do with Brooke and Eric being there.  She does say that she is okay with them being there.  Eric comes over and hugs Bridget, and Brooke kinda stands there looking really ill at ease.  Then, the photographer wants a picture of them.  Brooke looks really respectable tonight.  They get together, Brooke, then Bridget, and then Eric with arms around each other, and we see a shot of them, just before the theme.  The photographer takes more pictures of Bridget with Dr. Kelly.  Eric and Brooke talk about how strong Bridget is after her divorce.  Brooke wishes she could be half the person Bridget is when she grows up.  Hmm, odd choice of words, but okay.  Eric tells her she should tell that to Bridget.  The photographer goes to change film and CJ asks Bridget if sheís okay with all this.  Bridget says she is.  Eric thanks CJ for coming to Bridgetís rescue.  He says she doesnít need it often, but appreciates his help.  The photographer goes for round 2.  Stephanie walks in, and sees Bridget and her parents taking the pictures and smiles. 

Ridge is his usual assy self today.  He makes some wise cracks about Rick and Erica.  Then he pours himself a drink.  Amber finally tells him that Rick hired Erica to do the jingle.  Ridge thinks this is all poetic justice because Amber did the same thing to him.  Amber doesnít care if he hates her, but what about Rick?  Doesnít he care about his brother?  Ridge says he is happy that Rick has found someone with a little class.  Amber retorts that Erica has about as much class as a skank.  Ridge wonders how long Rick will be able to resist. 

The photographer gets done.  Stephanie admits to Bridget that she orchestrated the whole thing.  Bridget goes to talk to her parents while CJ and Stephanie talk.  Bridget admits to her parents that she is happy they are there.  Brooke says they are so proud of her, and will always be there for her. 

Rick says if they sleep together, all that would happen is that she would lose her virginity.  Erica goes in for another kiss, when, thank god, the phone rings.  Itís Amber to the rescue.  She wants to talk to him about his decision regarding the jingle.  He says they can talk about it tomorrow.  Before he goes, she tells him to be careful, and not listen to Erica and that she loves him.  He gets off the phone and Erica thinks he got rid of Amber for her.  Rick ends the dinner right there and as he goes up the stairs Erica says Amber isnít good for him.  He tells her goodnight and continues.  Erica picks up some food and throws it at their wedding picture.  In a really sinister voice she says that next time it will happen. 

CJ thanks Stephanie for getting this all together.  She, in turn, thanks him for the "dose of self confidence" he has given Bridget.  He says that she has done more than sheíll ever know for him.  Eric tells Brooke that heíll pave the way for them all to spend more time together.  Eric and Brooke hug, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.  Aww.

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