The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  9/24/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Erica’s gone back to her apartment to regroup with her mom about her plan for attack on Rick tonight.  Sheila tells her that she has the perfect dress for her.  Okay, if it’s anything like the one she wore today, Erica might as well moonlight as an escort.  Erica tells Sheila that as woman, she has her own dress in mind.  Erica turns back into a little girl, and tells Sheila how excited and giddy she is about tonight.  Sheila attempts to give her pointers on seducing Rick’s "mind."  Hmm, yeah that’s what it is.  She tells her to be coy at first, and not come on too strong.  Erica turns the sinister look back on, and tells her mom to back off, this apple is hers.  Okay, what’s with the obsession with apples? 

Stephanie has called Eric and Brooke over to the main house to tell them about Bridget’s acceptance into the gifted pre med program.  Both of them are thrilled to hear the news, but Brooke’s joy is short lived when she hears that there is a reception tonight, and Bridget didn’t inform them. She confesses that she thinks she’s the reason Bridget didn’t tell anyone about it.  Stephanie guesses that she was just being diplomatic about it.  She didn’t want to hurt Brooke’s feelings by asking Eric, etc.  Eric still doesn’t get how Bridget’s breakup with Deacon has spawned all these problems between her and Brooke.  Brooke just remains vague, and says it has brought up a lot of "issues." 

At the reception, CJ and Bridget glance at her future competition for a residency.  CJ points out one pay lay who can’t even tie his tie straight.  He also points out a girl, and wonders what she has that Bridget doesn’t.  The joke backfires when we see the girl hugging her mom.  Bridget says that could be one thing there, but doesn’t spoil the evening by getting bent out of shape.  She says she can do this without her parents.  CJ says she’s lucky because she can make her own family, and wants to be her kissing cousin.

Erica arrives at Rick’s house, and calls some kind of gourmet restaurant, and orders what they think is the best meal.  She wants the night to be perfect. 

Dr. Kelly, the head of the pre med department introduces himself to Bridget and CJ.  Turns out ol’ Budge scored the highest on the entrance exam, and is receiving a special award for it tonight.  He tells her to make sure her parents sit up front.  She admits that they won’t be there tonight, and he says that’s a shame.  Bridget feels a little crummy, but says again that she can do this on her own. 

Brooke suggests that Eric go, but he wants them both to go.  Stephanie advises her to go, but keep a respectful distance. Bridget needs to know her family is there for her. 

Erica is all glammed up in her dress, and has lit candles all across the living room.  Italian music plays in the background.  The food is all out as well. Rick finally gets home, and asks what’s all this.  She says he wanted to celebrate, and in a very seductive voice she adds they should "celebrate."  Rick looks like he needs to let her down gently. 

Okay the room the reception is in what looks like a large classroom, but for some reason they need to use a spotlight on the speaker?  Dr. Kelly gives a speech about the challenges of the program, and the importance of having a solid family to back the student.  Geez writers.  Could you be a little less subtle?  Dr. Kelly introduces a girl named Veronica Thomas. She’s a year ahead of them in the program, and is going to tell them what they have to look forward to.  She gives a typical speech about how the parent’s support is so important.  She needed her parents the first year, and knows the students will, too.  Dr. Kelly then introduces the award Bridget won that turns out to be the James C. Murray scholarship. Wow!  You rock Bridget and I’m not being my usual sarcastic self. 

Erica is coy with Rick who isn’t exactly responsive.  Then she feeds him and tries to talk in such a seductive voice.  It’s really creeping me out! 

Bridget gives a speech after accepting her award.  She talks about wanting to meet all the other students.  In the middle of her speech, she notices Eric and Brooke standing in the back, and doesn’t get upset.  In fact, she looks happy to see them.  She ends her speech by thanking her parents for being there. 

Sheila glances at a wedding picture of her and Eric.  Sheila talks to herself about her chance with the Forresters is over, but once her daughter gets pregnant with Rick’s child, she’ll be in their lives forever.  She says forever like 4 times. 

Rick is a little tense, and hops up off the couch to lighten the mood. It does lighten when Erica talks about her passion for the Greek Culture.  She then recites a myth of one of those gods, but, of course, relates its back to sex and gets ever so close to Rick. He wants to know what is up, but she backs off, and is back to her usual self.  She then decides to dance for Rick while he eats.  Oh, gross!  It might as well be in a strip club.  Rick looks really uncomfortable when Erica takes his jacket off, and rubs him and even takes his tie off.  They start making out, but Rick stops her.  She tells him not to stop and asks him to make love to her.  He just looks at her.  Yuck!

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