The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/23/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Greetings Fall!!

Alright, well, today we get more pep talk from Sheila to Erica about getting "preggers" to entrap Rick in a relationship.  I still canít believe Erica is considering this, and do we really know how old Erica is?  I mean if she isnít of ageÖwell, I wonít even go there.  To help get Rick, Sheila has bought her daughter a slutty (strapless) dress, and helped her put on far too much makeup.  Erica doesnít look too comfortable in all this, but Sheila reiterates that she has to look her best for Rick.  Erica really doesnít want to talk about her decision to stay in town, but Sheila tells her to not rest on her laurels.  Man, they use that term a lot.  She has to set herself apart from the crowd.  Erica figures she means like how Amber designed some clothes.  Sheila says she doesnít need to do anything now, but Erica has an idea already.  She asks Sheila about the tape recorder she was fooling around with before.  Oh, so sheís going to sing the jingle.  You recall she stole the jingle tape when they were trying to decide on a theme for Amberís line.  Probably, also, why we had to hear Erica sing "The Rainbow Connection" last spring.  I was right, too.  Courtnee Drapper did sing that.  By the way, Erica gave a sinister look at the end of that scene.  Cunning. 

Bridget looks like she is actually doing homework.  Yay!  School finally started for her.  Yeah, Iíve been in school for a freakiní month now!  I mean, midterms are coming up in the next few weeks.  Stephanie drops by and interrupts her, but we find out sheís just prepping for an orientation tonight.  Turns out Budge made it into an accelerated "med-school" program.  Stephanie is so happy for her, but wonders why she hasnít shared this news with her family.  Theme.  Bridget explains that she didnít want everyone to get all wrapped up in things with the family, and that she isnít quite ready to make complete amends with Brooke.  Stephanie asks her if she would mind her telling Brooke the news, but adds it would be better suited coming from Bridget.  Bridgetís not ready to go there, and Stephanie respects that.  CJ stops by with some hokey doctorís gifts in a bag, including a stethoscope, the reflex hammer (fend off note stealers), and a whole lotta coffee for those long hours studying.  Bridget appreciates the gesture, and we find out that she had asked CJ to the orientation "reception."  Stephanie is surprised that Bridget didnít invite a family member, like her dad, to this.  Bridget explains that she didnít want to ask Eric because Brooke would feel bad, and asking Brooke wouldnít work either.  Stephanie understands.  CJ leaves to get ready for the big night.  Stephanie and Bridget discuss how Brooke and Eric were never together while she was alive.  Stephanie feels itís natural for a child to want his parents together.   

Rick, Thorne, and Kristen listen to jingle tapes, and man, are they horrible.  Someone is rapping Ambrosia lines, and it sounds so cheesy.  After a bit of arguing, the three go to find another tape in Kristenís office, something a little more poppy.  After they leave, Erica sneaks into the office and is about to put her tape in the tape deck, but drops it when the three are back so soon.  She covers that she wanted to take Rick and Eric out for a hamburger.  Rick says they already ate, but wants her to stay because she is in their key demo, and they could use some perspective on a jingle.  Erica is visibly nervous when Kristen finds her tape, but doesnít know itís hers, and plays it.  They hear Erica (it is really Courtnee) singing a catchy tune with "Ambrosia" in it several times.  When she reveals that it is her signing it, they are all overjoyed and say she is their singer.  All three of them scatter in different directions to get it all worked out.  Rick wants the two of them to celebrate tonight.  Later, Erica calls Sheila and gives her the excellent news.  Sheila advises her to make her move tonight.  Whatever.  Bleh. 

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