The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/20/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

This episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" is one of the most disturbing episodes Iíve ever re-capped. 

Stephanie goes into Rickís office, and notices that he is throwing himself into his work like his dad used to do when he had a problem.  Rick retorts that Amber has the problem.  Stephanie asks how she is.  Rick says that she is glad to be out of jail, but heís afraid she still blames Erica for all the bad things that have happened to her.  He still loves her, but knows she has changed for the worst.  Stephanie says the sad thing is that Amber only has herself to blame for her mess. 

Sheila is straightening up in the apartment, and sees an article about Amber. She then violently throws the magazine away as Erica walks in.  Sheila is relieved to see her, but Erica doesnít want to talk to her.  Erica says her name is Mary.  She got all the info from Rick.  Erica screams that Sheila lied about everything, and she knows this because Rick told her every horrible detail about what she did to the Forrester's.  Uh, not entirely.  No bang bangs!

Taylor asks Ridge if he wants any breakfast.  He doesnít say much, and she knows he is still mad.  Ridge admits she is right and he still canít believe she let Amber stay with them.  Just then, a hung over Amber comes out in sweats and a soda. Taylor offers her breakfast, but she says she doesnít want to be any trouble.  Ridge is an ass, and says that she should have used her one phone call to call someone else.  Amber sighs, and goes onto the terrace.  Taylor rolls her eyes and sighs. 

Ridge scoffs that what was once a beautiful home, has now been turned into a prison.  Amber takes it all pretty well, and says she can take a joke.  Ridge says that he isnít kidding and calls Amber a criminal and points to her GPS thing on her leg.  Amber says itís a good thing it isnít a BS meter because itís be ringing like crazy now.  Taylor breaks them up, and Amber says she is sorry and Ridge agrees that she is.  What an ass!!!!!!

Stephanie thinks Amber is just in denial.  The talk moves on to Erica, and what a god-send she has been.  Rick explains how her mom, she up and left her the night Amber got arrested.  He does think that deep down inside she has to be relieved to have her mom out of her life.  Stephanie realizes that he has never actually met Ericaís mom. 

Sheila tries to convince Erica that getting in bed with Rick is the way to go.  Okay, is Erica even of legal age?  Erica wants to go back to Mystic, but Sheila goes on to say that the best way to get a hold of Rick is to get pregnant.  It worked for Brooke, Taylor, and Amber to start off with.  Rick has no biological children of his own, and Erica could give that to him.  Erica at first thinks that is sick, but changes her mind and says sheíll do it.  What!??????  This is beyond sick!

Amber gets her revenge on Ridge by taking the scrambled eggs and giving it to him "to go."  That means she dumps into his briefcase, and I say power to you, Amber.  Ridge doesnít look mad, but probably thinks he has been right about Amber all along, but whatís different about that.  Heís always felt that way. 

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