The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/19/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

When Ridge asks if Brooke is hiding anyone in her bedroom, she plays around and makes it seem like she has a man in there.  Ridge becomes confused when she says that Stephanie brought out this person in her, and even undressed him.  Ridge finally figures out it's the baby she is talking about. 

Bridget recalls her kiss with CJ.  She chats with Betsy, even though she is working, about CJís kiss.  Bridget tells her to not make too much of things.  Sally comes in and talks with CJ.  Apparently, she has already heard about his and Bridgetís kiss. What?! How?  She wishes he had called her to tell her.  He tells her to butt out.  She admits she is teasing him because she is so happy for him.  He denies that it was that important of an event.  He obviously denies his feelings. 

Eric brings over 2 martinis for him and Stephanie.  She jokes that this is good room service.  She jokingly goes to get her purse for a tip, but he stops her and kisses her saying that that is the only tip he needs.  Meow! 

Brooke covers up, telling Ridge she doesnít want to work him up too much.  He asks her about how she has given up men.  She admits she has re-evaluated her priorities.  Family has got to come first, kind of like how Ridge put his family first.  That brings her to ask why he isnít with them now.  Ridge gives out a frustrated sigh.  After the theme, Ridge complains that Taylor has the "do gooder" syndrome.  Brooke sarcastically remarks that Ridge is so unfortunate and unlucky.  He wonders where the old Brooke is.  She says the Brooke that would have taken advantage of this situation is gone.  The topic moves to how Bridget and her have been under some cloud of tension lately.  Without revealing too much, Brooke says that Bridgetís divorce has brought up issues from her childhood, and how chaotic it was.  Brooke says that because of her poor choices, Bridget has to suffer as a child.  Ridge offers to talk to Bridget, and admits that he might have had something to do with Bridgetís chaotic childhood. 

CJ manages to get rid of Sally, but she says they will talk about this later.  CJ catches a glimpse of Bridget, and she spots him as well.  Then, he kind of gives her a blank stare and walks off.  Doh! 

She goes to talk to him.  She tries to make small chat, and when CJ doesnít respond, she talks to the waitress, Raquel, about who sheís waiting on right now, because she is taking over for her.  She mentions that some dude ordered a coffee with a "kiss."  She corrects herself and both Ken and Raquel laugh at her joke.  CJ is more than a little embarrassed.  He tells her, he needs to talk to her pronto.  Doh! 

Stephanie and Eric talk about Brooke, and then talk about each other.  He wonders why she didnít tell him she was going to stay in town, and not go sailing with Mass.  He then asks if she wants to keep an eye on anyone else.  First of all, she didnít tell him because she knows how his mind operates.  He thinks she should be watching out to see if she has any competition when it comes to Eric. She laughs at that, and says that everyone knows he is madly in love with her.  Eric laughs. 

Bridget and CJ talk about what the kiss meant.  Bridget says they should pretend the kiss never happened, but CJ doesnít look pleased with that idea.  CJ isnít convinced that Bridget could pretend that the kiss never happened.  Geez, by the end of the scene they all talk over each other.  Bridget decides to leave while sheís ahead.  Oh my god!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Brooke doesnít want to blame Ridge for her mistakes.  They discuss the choices they made, and Brooke segues into how Ridge should go home to his wife and family.  Ridge gives her a hug goodnight, and leaves.  She watches as he leaves. 

Stephanie and Eric continue to tease each other, and he warns her that when she finally quits playing all these games and comes home, he may not be there.  Stephanie doesnít look too worried.

As he heads to the main house, Eric spots Brooke outside her house, and asks what she is up to.  Just lookiní at the stars, apparently.  Eric says good night, and walks toward the front door but then turns around and "gazes" at Brooke.  I put that in quotes because Iím not sure exactly what it was.  Oh, here we go again.  Save me! 


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