The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  9/18/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Alright folks, recap time!

Ridge and Taylor argue about Amber being able to stay with them to the point that they are shouting at each other, and then Amber.  Amber appears to be intoxicated but maybe she’s just apathetic.  Ridge is, of course, an ass and trashes Amber until she says she’s outta there.  Ridge is happy, but Taylor stops her.  She tells Ridge that they have to settle this amicably because they are both going to be living under the same roof.  Ridge says it’s either him or Amber, and when Taylor doesn’t say anything, Ridge storms out.  He tells Taylor to call him when she takes the trash out.  Amber apologizes to Taylor who says things will be okay.  Amber says that when Ridge gets back she will make a real effort to make amends with him.  Taylor says she is sure that Ridge is coming back but she doesn’t look convinced. 

Erica and Rick talk about James, Sheila, and Mary.  Erica is shocked to hear about her dad, and what her real name is.  She becomes upset though, when Rick says that Mary is probably as demented as Sheila is and wouldn’t want to have anything to do with her now.  Erica realizes that if Sheila hadn’t kidnapped her, she would have been reared by Stephanie and James in the main house.  I hope someone tells Erica about how her mom but a bullet in Stephanie.  Gosh, that flashback back in July was gross enough to remind me of it. 

Stephanie and Brooke talk about her interest in Eric.  Brooke’s trying on some clothes sent down from the office for her approval.  Stephanie knows Brooke is trying to be a good gir, but seriously wonders how long that will last.  Brooke says she should be proud she got her body back after just having a baby.  Stephanie agrees but notes that Brooke has always used her body to get what she wants.  Brooke assures her that men are not her priority now, but her sexuality is a part of her identity.  Well, that’s for damn sure.  Stephanie says that time will tell.  Brooke is a little annoyed as Stephanie leaves. 

Ridge comes over to Brooke’s guesthouse to ask her where Eric is.  He notices she has a skimpy outfit on and says that he didn’t think the day could be turned around like this.  Brooke laughs at his compliment, and the music is a little sexy.  Oh Lord,.  Please!  No pair ups!  I remember groaning in August of 2001 when at the end of one show Brooke said "I’m going to get Ridge back."  Please tell me nothing like that happens again.  Because if so, I may have to boycott.  Nah, just kidding. 

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