The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  9/17/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Today's show starts off at Guesthouse Number 2.  Ridge pays Stephanie a visit.  He jokes about how her guesthouse is in view of Eric’s bedroom.  She is coy with him, and tells him to not get ahead of himself.  She and Eric have very different outlooks on life.  Ridge drops it, and then starts in on the Amber thing.  Stephanie wishes he wouldn’t take so much pleasure in it.  She thinks the whole thing is sad.  Ridge thinks it’s sad that it took Rick so long to wake up.  Stephanie questions Taylor’s support of Amber, but Ridge said that is all over, he put his foot down.  Uhhhh?

Taylor lets Rick and Little Eric into her house.  She offers Eric a cookie, and he runs off camera to the kitchen to get it.  Taylor tells Rick she is happy he is coming by.  He thinks it’s good for Eric, which Taylor agrees is true, but says that it means a lot to Amber.  She realizes that both Amber and Rick are nervous about this meeting.  Rick wonders why Taylor has such faith in Amber.  She admits that she doesn’t have her kids and family on the line like Rick does.  She does hope that he can try to at least give Amber the benefit of the doubt, because she thinks he could let something beautiful slip away if not.  Just then, Amber comes out. 

Erica paces around her apartment, wondering where Sheila is.  The window has suddenly been fixed now.  Sheila walks in with groceries and, of course, her sunglasses on even though it’s dark.  Erica demands to know who she is, like her real name and where she came from.  Sheila says that Erica should know who she is.  Erica says that’s a load of bull because she had a whole other life that she didn’t even know about it.  Sheila retorts that she doesn’t like to live in the past.  Well of course not.  When you’ve murdered how many people and screwed up so many others, who would want to relive that?  Erica deduces that something happened to cause her split from Eric, but what?  Sheila pulls out some apples, geez; she loves apples and says that his family hated her.  One main reason is because they wanted Stephanie and Eric to get back together.  Erica questions if Sheila did anything to provoke them.  Sheila admits she made mistakes, but was under a lot of STRESS.  Pssh!  Erica then questions Sheila about her father, and if she looks like him.  When Sheila refuses to answer, Erica grabs her purse; intent on going over to Rick’s to ask him about it.  Sheila grabs her arm, and tells her she had better not say anything to Rick about this. 

Stephanie finds it amusing that Ridge has "put his foot down."  He says that he knows Taylor has a big heart, and will occasionally bring home a "wounded bird" or "homeless person," but at some pt she has to realize that Amber is a lost cause.  Now, Amber is in jail and out of their lives.  He laughs about the "New Face of Forrester" being in the slammer. 

Taylor leaves to check on the kids.  Amber thanks Rick for coming by.  They don’t say much but she sits down on the couch, and pats it for him to come down and sit.  When he sits down, she laughs.  She says that she hasn’t been this nervous since before she "seduced" him that time.  Rick kids that he did the seducing.  Rick wonders what he is going to do with her. 

Amber knows Rick loves her at least in some form still.  He agrees that is true, but says more matters than just that.  He says the fact that she went home with Lance, put Erica in the hospital, and threw a rock through her window matters.  She reiterates that she didn’t do that, but knows it’s hard for him to believe.  She also knows his family is putting pressure on him and points out Eric threw a dinner party for Erica.  She just asks him to give her some more time to prove things to him, because she is stuck in the house because of the tracking device that is on her leg, by the way.  She seems to have decorated it to match her outfit.  Boy that’s Amber!  Rick takes notice, and jokes that is the new accessory to the Ambrosia line.  They laugh.  They hug each other and Amber says she will make him proud of her one day.  Eric comes out and runs to his mom.  The three of them sit together on the couch and Taylor smiles on. 

Sheila hisses that Rick can never find out Erica is her daughter.  Erica doesn’t believe her.  She tells her that the Forrester’s didn’t just stop at her divorce with Eric.  Stephanie kept hounding her even after she moved on, and married James and had Erica.  But wait, aren’t you forgetting to tell her how she was conceived Erica?  Maggie and James were involved, but nutty Sheila drugged him, and had sex with him.  Anyway, Sheila goes on to say that Stephanie and Erica’s father tried to take her away from Sheila.  Erica is horrified to hear that her dad actually wanted her, and that Sheila told her that he had abandoned them.  She wonders what else she has lied about.  Erica’s cell phone rings, and she sees it is Rick.  Despite Sheila warnings, Erica tells Rick she needs to talk to him about something, and says she’ll meet him at his house.  She storms out while Sheila screams for her to not be stupid about this. 

Erica replaces the picture of Eric and Sheila in the photo album.  Rick comes downstairs, and says Eric is asleep.  She asks him about Amber.  He says its scary that he can’t tell the difference between the old Amber, and the new one that has done all these crazy things.  He wonders if he’ll have to take Eric to see his mom in jail.  Erica doesn’t think it would get that far.  She looks like she is about to tell Rick something, but we go to the final scene. 

Ridge comes home and drops down on the couch.  Taylor walks out and is a little scared to see Ridge and what I like to call his "perpetual bad mood."  She hadn’t expected him so soon.  He says that Stephanie kicked him out because she had plans, but didn’t specify what they were.  She suggests they go upstairs, but he asks where the kids are.  They’re outside swimming with Catherine who has been MIA for a while.  Ridge keeps saying they have the house to themselves and Taylor keeps trying to lead into the news that Amber is with them.  He calls Amber a trashy little slut to which Taylor replies that they really need to get upstairs.  He goes with her to the stairs, and then says she has to admit that he was right and she was wrong about Amber.  He says that she’s in jail for god sakes.  Taylor says she isn’t in jail anymore. Just then Amber stumbles into the living room with a bowl of popcorn, and then apologizes for interrupting.  Ridge demands to know why she is there.  He says Taylor hasn’t met one loser that she hasn’t fallen in love with.  Amber jokes that doesn’t say much for Ridge.  Fed up, Ridge storms over to Amber and grabs her sending the popcorn bowl flying into the living room.  He pulls her to the door as Taylor screams that Amber can’t go.  She’s under house arrest and must stay with them indefinitely.  Ridge glares at Taylor.  

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