The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/16/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Taylor brings Amber back to her house, and they discuss how lucky she is to have gotten out on bail.  Apparently, she has to stay at Taylorís place. and always must have one of those tracking bracelet things to make sure she stays put.  Also, she isnít allowed any contact with Erica.  Amberís okay with that until Taylor informs her that Erica has fully moved in with Rick.  She meanders out to terrace in shock, realizing that this means she canít talk to Rick or Eric.  She wonders why things have kept getting worse and worse.  Going over what happened again, Amber recalls seeing someone in Ericaís apartment, but canít figure out who it was since Erica and her mom were at the party.  Taylor reveals that Ericaís mom never made it.  Amber hypothesizes that Ericaís mom broke the window because Erica told her to.  Close, Amber.  Close.  Taylor tells her to focus on getting her marriage back and staying out of trouble. 

Erica demands to know if Sheila had anything to do with all the bad things that have happened to Amber.  Sheila denies all of it, naturally, and states that Lance wasnít the first guy Amberís cheated on Rick with.  Erica then realizes that Sheila is lying because she never told her the guyís name was Lance.  Realizing sheís been caught, Sheila says she did everything for Erica.  Erica tells her to save that crap.  Sheís put her in an awful position.  Should she feel happy about this?  When Sheila claims that she has brought some kind of normalcy and peace to Rickís life, Erica scoffs that this is far from normal.  She canít believe her mom doesnít feel the slightest amount of guilt for this.  In spite of Amberís past mistakes, Rick had forgiven her, and they were moving on until Sheila interfered.  Though Erica had nothing to do with it, she feels like she is to blame since Sheila did it for her.  Sheila rationalizes that in the end, Amber would have screwed up.  Getting a little demented, Sheila advises Erica to sink her claws into Rick and never let him go.   After she finishes her speech, Sheila looks visibly shaken.  Like I said, demented.  Erica just stares on in horror. 

After their little kiss, CJ and Bridget discuss whatís going on.  They both admit they are scared because of their past relationships.  They also discuss that when Bridget came in and was talking about kind of reconciling with her mom, CJ felt betrayed.  She relates that to when CJ fired her the first time.  She trusted him and then felt betrayed.  CJ says he knows Bridget will be busy, probably too busy for him, but she says sheíll always make time for him.  He admits that he wanted to be honest before, but of course, he was stubborn and afraid.  They say they both need each other.  When they kiss at the end, then all of Insomnia claps and cheers. 

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