The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/13/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

Happy Friday the 13th!

Erica yells at her mom to finally tell her the truth.  Sheís horrified when Sheila finally admits that she is right.  She was Ericís wife a while back.  Erica hypothesizes that Sheila pushed her on Rick, so that she would put in a good word with Eric for her.  She wants Eric back, obviously.  Sheila claims that part of her life is over, but Erica thinks it's sick that she is trying to live vicariously through her.  Sheila thinks this is all fate.  Uh? 

Sally talks with CJ about the stunt he pulled with Bridget.  She chastises him for being such an idiot, and advises him to not hide his feelings.  When Bridget comes in, he reacts very negatively about how she named her baby sister, and how she and her mom talked. 

Sheila reminds Erica that she was the one who came back to LA even when she wanted her to go back to Mystic.  Erica says that was only true until Sheila saw how close she and Rick were, and then tried to force her on him.  She also wonders why Sheilaís marriage broke up.  Sheila blames that all on Stephanie (no mention of Lauren), and how she poisoned Eric against her.  These ladies have no respect for their husbands, do they?  They all they think they can be swayed so easily.  Sad thing is, they are probably right.  Sheila reiterates that she didnít want her bad past to interfere with Ericaís future.  She tells her she did all this for her and hugs her.  Erica realizes that her mom must have done something to Amber and wonders what she has done. 

Bridget and CJ get into a big fight, and he assumes that because she had a pleasant encounter with her mom, that she is going to quit "slumming" it and return to Forrester.  After finally figuring out what his problem is, Bridget says that she is staying right here with him.  They go into lip lock, but break away after a second, only to do it again until we close.  Whew! 

Word is that Ziggy (Matt B.) and Whip (Rick H.) are both on recurring status now.  Waste of characters, and that Hunter Tylo is out.  TV Guide just mentioned Taylor would be phased out because she has become too "virtuous."  Okay, well all I have to say about that is, anyone can have a bad past so I think thatís a retarded reason to phase out a character.  Tyloís site mentions that her character is going to be killed off so I donít know what is going to happen.  Also, if they were just going to axe the character in a year, what was the point of going through all those negotiations last year?  I mean itís not like Taylor has done much since then.  Oh well, I guess this is why Iím not an EP. 

See ya Monday and beware of Hanna!

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