The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/12/02

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole

In the opening scene, Erica is totally shocked to see her mom in the picture with Eric, and says it canít be her. 

Mass tries to guess Sheilaís name, but doesnít have any luck.  When Sheila reads the newspaper and sees Amberís arrest in it, she laughs and wonders who said the paper didnít bring any good news. 

Stephanie pays Brooke a visit in her office and they both discuss how Amber has caused the company some problems with her arrest.  Apparently, Megan has been dealing with the press all morning.  Stephanie brought lunch with her, but Brooke has already ordered.  She asked Bridget to lunch and because she didnít say no, that obviously means sheís coming.  Stephanie tells her to not get her hopes up too high, because it hasnít been that long since all the crap went down.  Just then, Bridget joins them.  Brooke is overjoyed. 

Rick joins Erica and Eric.  When Erica asks how his talk went with Amber, he decides to put the little guy down for a nap before discussing it.  Before he goes up, Erica asks who the woman is in the picture with his dad.  He explains that is his dadís ex-wife, Sheila, and that she was his dadís biggest mistake.  He goes on to say she was pretty nutty. After they go upstairs, Erica frantically calls her mom and leaves her a message on her voice mail that she must talk to her immediately. 

Sheila reads how Amber was arrested for not only busting up the window, but also assaulting a police officer.  She says that things keep getting better and better. 

Bridget came by to sign some forms from Eric, but heís in a meeting.  At first she says she doesnít have time to stay and eat and will come by later, but it coaxed her into sitting with the other two ladies for a few minutes.  Bridget notes how her mom doesnít really give Bobby, a not so bad looking employee that comes in, but realizes that she must not be concentrating too hard on the baby, since she still hasnít named the poor thing. 

The conversation between Mass and Sheila is a whole bunch of 1 liners until he grabs her cell phone, making her very nervous.  She demands that he give it back.  Then, he sees she has 7 messages, and also an incoming call.  Sheila frantically gets her phone back, and hears Ericaís voice.  Erica tells her to meet her at the apartment right now because they have to talk.  Erica tells Rick that she has to run out for a while but will be back.

Bridget comes up with the name "Hope" for the baby because the baby has inspired hope in all of them to be better people and to work on their families.  Eh, not bad. 

Sheila is completely taken aback when Erica shows her the picture of her and Eric Forrester.  She tries to deny that anything ever happened with him, but Erica tells her to stop lying to her and tell her the truth NOW! 

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