The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  9/10/02

By Matthew

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Nicole


Okay, here is an almost, but not quite pre-empted episode of the Bold and the Beautiful.  You know, I respect CBS news for wanting to keep us up to date on "The War on Terrorism," but I think it was kinda retarded to pre-empt a show just to tell us we moved up to the "orange" level on the threat of terrorism scale.  First of all. the system is really vague anyway and doesn’t mean a whole lot to me.  Second, they could have told us that and then that the government got wind of some threats towards our embassies (nothing inside the US) in about 2 minutes.  Instead, we listened to people drone on and repeat themselves and then tell us that we shouldn’t worry about it and there isn’t anything we can do.  That being said, CBS made it a big deal. 

Alright the beginning of the show starts with Mass feeding a half asleep Sheila a strawberry.  Well, at last Mass got some last night.  He gives her a platter of food, in bed, that she probably won’t eat.  They do the pillow sexy talk stuff.  Mass is all over Sheila.  Whew. 

Erica, at Rick’s place, pours him some coffee.  Erica is about to mention something about last night…then blammo!  News time!

A long time after, we finally get back.  Sheila and Mass have made it out of bed and to the table to really have breakfast.  Mass is interested in Sheila’s name and offers to tell her his name, but she declines saying she doesn’t want to ruin the mystery.  He wants to know because he wants to be able to track her when she sneaks off.  When she wonders why he would think she would do that, he replies that he thinks that there is more chasing her away from LA than her daughter.  Uh-oh. 

Also at this point, Rick has made it to visit Amber and he doesn’t look too pleased.  To give you some idea, Amber is really acting nuts during this scene because she is so upset about what has happened.  She starts off semi-calm explaining that she accidentally assaulted the policewoman.  She tells him that she found out Erica and Lance live in the same apartment complex.  She doesn’t know who threw the rock at the window, but figures someone else is working with her.  She knows that Erica murdered Lance because she is evil.  Rick has had it and starts to walk out, but Amber begs him to wait.  He refuses to listen to her.  He wonders what has happened to her.  She pleads and screams at him to come back as he walks up. 

Back at the house, Little Eric and Erica look at a photo album.  They see a picture of Brooke and Bridget.  Erica says this is her new family.  Um, news flash Erica!  I think at some point it will all come crashing down.  She turns the page and sees Eric (Sr.) with Sheila and is flabbergasted.  I can’t tell if the picture looks cropped because Sheila looks about the same age as she does now, but Eric is definitely younger.  Erica has no clue what she would be doing in there. 

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