The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/9/02

By Matthew

Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Nicole

Okay here’s the recap.

Ridge jokes that Taylor is wasting her time on Amber.  Just then, Amber calls and tells Taylor she was arrested.  She leaves to go bail her out and Ridge laughs. 

Sheila tells Mass she has to get going and then he promptly orders two "kiss me quicks."  Okay.  Sheila knows that she has to leave, but she wishes she wasn’t always pushed into corners by the "people in charge."  Mass says she needs to be one of those people now.  Later on, Mass offers Sheila his place so she can see what he does late at night.  Eww.   

The officer leaves and Erica attempts to clean up her apartment.  Taylor calls Rick and tells him about Amber.  He wants to come up there, but she tells him to stay put and she’ll take care of Amber.  She’ll call him with an update.  Rick and Amber head out. 

The cops get done booking Amber and she meets Taylor.  Amber attempts to explain what happened.  Taylor wonders how she assaulted the police officer.  Amber says that the cop’s big fat nose got in her way.  She becomes horrified when she learns the assault will land her in jail tonight.  They won’t have a hearing until tomorrow morning for her bail so she can’t leave. 

Rick rants about Amber’s actions and can’t explain them.  Erica says they are in the same boat.  People they love have let them down in a big way.  Erica says that she is better off in the long run though.  She needs to take care of herself. 

Eventually, in a close moment, Rick and Erica have a quick peck on the lips, but you can tell he didn’t really mean to do it.  After Erica heads out of his room she smiles and congratulates herself. 

Sheila goes back to Mass’ place and they eventually get it on!  Well, kiss, but you know. 

Taylor calls Connor who will be there early tomorrow morning.  Amber points out that Lance’s apartment is in the same complex as Erica’s.  Then she thinks one of Erica’s neighbors is working with her and tried to kill her tonight.  It’s like a warning for Amber to stay away.  Taylor thinks she has something with that and when she calls Rick later, he explains that she thinks Amber is telling the truth.  He doesn’t want to talk about it right now and says goodbye. 

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