The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/5/02

By Matthew
Proofread by Nicole

Okay, it looks like Amber is about to have an end here. Sheila has the rock in her hand and hurls it at Amber, who happens to duck and it goes smashing through the window of Erica’s apartment. Sheila runs off and Amber has no clue what has just happened. The neighbors’ lights come on and Amber looks around scared.

The party continues, but Erica is a nervous wreck. She has no idea what has happened to her mother or where she could be. There’s a knock at the door and Erica is sure it’s Taylor, but is disappointed when she sees the lovely Taylor and not her psycho bitch of a mother. Taylor reintroduces herself and Erica joins the party. Stephanie and Eric talk to Taylor about Amber. Eric thinks it isn’t like Taylor to make excuses for Amber, which Taylor points out should tell them there is more to the story. All Eric knows is that one person has been causing problems for Rick (Amber) and one person has been there to help (Erica). To herself, Taylor agrees with him but wonders who is whom.

Sheila goes to Las Olas and has a margarita to sooth her nerves. She isn’t wearing any kind of a disguise and I guess she thinks no one will recognize her. Some people have all the luck. Mass sneaks up behind her and says they have got to stop meeting like this.

Amber tries to get out of the apartment complex, but a neighbor lady, a little on the hefty side, comes out and says she knows Amber busted the window. Amber tries to explain that she didn’t do anything. The lady is pretty much a bitch and says she could identify Amber in a line up. Amber points out to her that identifying her doesn’t mean anything if she didn’t do anything. Some other neighbors come out and one suggests they call the police. A third neighbor says he already did and tells Amber to sit tight. Okay, I’d just like to say that the writers have made the whole “luck” thing pretty one sided lately. Sheila can manage to ruin several lives, and murder someone without leaving an apartment complex. Then, inadvertently (okay, dumb luck) frames Amber for breaking and entering. Also, why has Erica not considered the possibility of her mom doing all this as well as why has no one recognized Sheila? I mean she’s gone to a bar! Also, you’d think Mass would have seen one picture of Sheila. Argh! Writers, you’re pushing me!

The cops come and they question Amber. Amber says she wasn’t doing anything. The fat lady says that she saw Amber looking around to see if anyone had seen her break the window. Question: Why would someone break into an apartment like that by busting a window, in public, at a not so late hour?  I’m thinking maybe 8? Also, there are bars on the window! She couldn’t get in that way and the rock went in the window too far away from the door so she wouldn’t have been able to reach in and unlock the door. The cops don’t see all this and question why Amber was there. Amber says that Erica works for her and she had some questions. She denies trying to get in. The cop says they shouldn’t find her fingerprints on the bars or the doorknob. Eh, well. When Amber hesitates to answer, the male cop decides to finish this downtown. Amber resists his grabs and throws her arms back behind her head and belts the female cop in the nose. The blood starts a-pouring and Amber is handcuffed and pressed onto the hood of the car. You know that luck thing I was referring to? Yeah.

Erica decides that her mom isn’t coming and tells everyone to get on with dinner. She’s too angry/hurt right now to eat and asks Rick to take her home. Ah, I’d just say screw Sheila and enjoy the good food. They head out.

Taylor questions Brooke about what she knows about Erica’s mom. Brooke doesn’t know much and says that Taylor, in a fun way, needs to take the night off from being a head doctor. When Stephanie gets involved, she finds it odd that Erica’s mom would be such a fan and not even want to come to the dinner. Taylor says that Erica seems like a nice girl, with an odd mother.

On that note, Stephanie says they should eat.

Amber is brought into LAPD headquarters and because she wanted to talk to a lawyer before speaking with them, she gets to wait in a cell, with a butchy looking woman and a hooker. Fun. Though, the lawyer thing was one of Amber’s smartest decisions. Oh no, didn’t she get a drug violation back in 2000.  She was convicted of that and got probation. This could violate that probation and land her in jail for a while. Doh! Amber prays that Rick will help her.

Rick walks Erica to her apartment and they see the broken window. Erica runs in the unlocked apartment screaming for her mother. She then notices the card with her name on it and reads the lamest letter ever. Sheila basically says she is jealous of Erica’s new life and wants to go away with the new man she has met. Erica is shocked and Rick is as well when they see that all of Sheila’s clothes are gone. The lady cop comes in and says there was a break in but they have a suspect. Both Erica and Rick are taken aback when they hear it is Amber.

Monday: Get it on!  Taylor tells Amber that Rick already knows about the break in. Taylor says they will figure this all out but they have to get her out of jail first. Amber is in a total tailspin. Mass gives Sheila a proposition involving something to do with “A night.” Hmm. See ya Monday.

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