The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/4/02

By Matthew
Edited by Nicole

A'ight B&B time!!

Erica tries to get her mom to hurry up and get out of the bathroom because Rick is waiting.  She knocks, but Sheila doesnít answer.  Erica says that if she isnít ready then she should at least come out and say Hi to Rick.  Sheila is in double panic mode now. 

At the party, Stephanie finds it strange that neither Brooke nor Eric have actually met Ericaís mom.  Eric says that he has only spoken to her on the phone but thinks she is a pleasant woman.  Brooke points that Rick said that Erica and her mom have had some problems.  Stephanie thinks that happens with any mother and a daughter who is a teenager.  Eric notes that Brooke has been lucky in that respect with Bridget.  Both Stephanie and Brooke give each other sideways glances.  Brooke says that Bridget wonít be joining them because she has to work.  Stephanie thinks that Bridget can kind of relate to what Rick has been going through.  Brooke is actually smart and says they should not push Erica on Rick.  Eric totally agrees.  Heís just happy that Rick has had someone to depend on lately.  By the way Tony has shaved his moustache!  Freaky!  Stephanie says that she realizes Amberís behavior has been bad that she was hoping against hope that they would get through this.  She thinks they still love each other. 

At the beach house, Taylor tells Amber that they are having a dinner party for Erica at Ericís house.  Amber handles it all right, but is convinced Erica is taking over her life.  Amber thinks the family is glad to be rid of her, but Taylor says that they are not happy about any of this.  All they know is that Erica has been really supportive and they want to thank her for it.  Taylor says that Ericaís mom will be there.  Amber gets an idea to bust into to Ericaís apartment to look for clues.  Taylor tells her no twice. 

Erica pleads with her mom to come out.  Sheila opens the door and pulls in Erica.  Sheila plays it off like she isnít good enough to be there tonight and she has to be ready before she goes.  She promises to join them soon.  Sheila hugs her and Erica leaves with Rick.  Sheila comes out of the bathroom sobbing.  She tells Erica goodbye. 

As Sheila packs her clothes she notices a picture on the table and then Ziggy comes in.  He wants to know how long sheís going for.  Sheila explains that she is leaving forever and not coming back.  She says she didnít tell Erica because it will be better this way.  She knows that between Rick, Eric, Taylor, and Amber, someone will figure out her true identity and she just canít ruin it for Erica. 

Eric and Kristen talk and she takes this opportunity to ask what is going on between him and Stephanie.  After all, Stephanie moved out of Massí.  Eric tells her to not read too much into that, but she thinks itís a good sign.  Then, Erica and Rick arrive.  Erica notes that her mom is still at their apartment. 

Amber is all dressed up in black pants and a black cap.  Taylor tells her that she is not going to break into Ericaís place.  Amber says no one is there and that maybe she wonít have to break in because they will have left a key under the mat or somewhere.  She gets out a newspaper that has Lanceís obituary.  She says if there isnít a key then maybe she can talk a neighbor and somehow connect Lance to Erica.  Taylor tells her she has a bad feeling about all this.  Amber heads out the door. 

Taylor runs after Amber and tells her she is coming with her.  Amber has already screwed up her marriage and she doesnít want to cause problems with Taylorís.  She does suggest that Taylor go to the party and try to get a feel for Erica and mom and see if she can determine if one of them is lying or acting nutty because she knows Erica is off her rocker.  Taylor agrees to go.  Taylor tells her to be careful.  Amber says she is always careful.  Uh, what?!

Sheila doesnít know where she is going to go or what sheís going to tell Erica.  They argue about whether or not itís right to abandon her kid like that.  Sheila thinks sheíll get over it with the Forresterís family.  Ziggy asks how he could get in touch with her in case of her an emergency.  Sheila says that she is cutting off all ties.  Ziggy says that he guesses this is goodbye and plants a huge kiss on Sheila.  Oh for godís sake Ziggy.  He leaves and Sheila picks up the picture of Erica from when she was like younger (remember the bangs?).  Sheila breaks into sobs again. 

Rick explains that Ericaís mom is a little intimidated by the big house and family, but says she is coming to the party.  Eric says they arenít particularly close.  Rick thinks that may be changing now.  Helen asks Stephanie if they are ready to begin serving dinner.  Stephanie says they are still waiting for one guest.  Erica apologizes to Rick for the delay and he thinks she is probably on the way. Erica agrees. 

Sheila sets down her suitcase and sits at the table and begins to write a note to Erica.  Amber walks up to the window and sees the back of Sheilaís head and says that is weird someone is in there.  She checks to make sure the address is right.  She knows this is Ericaís place and notes how close it is to Lanceís.  She wonders who that is but then hides when Sheila gets done.  Sheila leaves the note for Erica and grabs her stuff to leave.  She walks right past a crouching Amber who is in the bushes.  Amber walks back to the apartment door and tries it, but of course it is locked.  Is there a key under the mat?  Nope.  In the potted plants?  Nope.  In her frustration, Amber knocks over a pot and it crashes to the ground.  Sheila, from a far, hears this and turns around.  Amber goes back to the window and looks in the apartment and tries to figure out how to get in.  Sheila walks back and sees Amber and slowly picks up a large rock, ready to smash Amber with it.  Amber is totally clueless to all of this.  Oh no!!!!!!!!!!

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