The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  9/3/02

By Matthew
Edited by Nicole

Deacon says hello to Bridget.  She demands to know from Brooke what he is doing there.  For once Brooke is telling the truth and doesnít know.  Deacon relays that he is leaving for New York, oh goodie, and that he thought that if he was gone maybe the two of them could make up.  Bridget finds it odd that he would come back for that reason.  She thinks that his whole excuse is lame and thinks that he is waiting for her and Brooke to patch things up and also thinks he and Brooke are lying through their teeth.  She stomps out. 

Erica and Rick walk downstairs at his house and she still canít believe that Eric is doing this whole party thing for her.  She also notes that Eric is worried about him.  He realizes that and says that on that note, she should call her mom.  Erica says that Sheila already accepted the dinner invitation, but Rick reminds her that she has let her down before.  Erica canít see how she would pass up this opportunity to meet the Forresters.  Rick goes on to say that he is proud of Erica and she should be proud of herself.  Erica decides to go make sure Sheila isnít going to flake out.  Rick says heíll swing by her place later to pick them up. 

Sheila is freaked out about how she lost control and accepted the invitation to the party tonight.  Ziggy lays into how stupid of a move that is and boy is that a terrible shirt he is wearing or what? Woof!  Not only is her identity a threat to Erica, itís a threat to herself.  She doesnít want Erica involved in another Forrester scandal.  On the other hand, she wants to see her daughter be honored by all the Forresters.  Ziggy leaves her to think.  Just then, Erica comes home.  She tells her she is there to pick her up for the party. 

Bridget thinks Brooke and Deacon are on a date.  Deacon tells Bridget that Brooke had no idea he was coming.  Bridget thinks that Deacon is waiting for her to forgive her mom so he can get back together to get with Brooke.  She also knows that he didnít come by to check up on her because she didnít even know she (Bridget) would be there.  When Brooke asks if Deacon came back to see his daughter, he tells her he doesnít have a daughter.  He apparently doesnít have a son either because he has disappeared out of Ericís life as well. 

Marta gets Rickís jacket for him.  She goes ON and ON about how wonderful Erica has been for Rick and the whole family and how lucky they are to have her.  Sheís lucky Erica is around because she has been teaching Eric to make his bed and fold his clothes.  Wow, I actually am impressed by that because we know none of the rest of them are capable of that. 

Sheila asks Erica how she is feeling and then surprises her with a dress, shoes, and jewelry for the party tonight.  Erica thinks that she shouldnít have bought her something so expensive, especially since she isnít working, but Sheila says she would spend her last dime to make Erica happy.  She tells her that the ball is in her court now with Rick and that she isnít going to give her the "pep" talk or anything like that.  She knows Erica will do the right thing for herself when the right time comes.  Thatís semi-parentally of Sheila to do that.  She tells her to walk in the Forrester house like she really belongs, because in reality she really does.  Yeah didnít Sheila fantasize that Erica was Ericís kid and now she wants her to get it on with his son? Umm, eww.  Erica goes to change and tells Sheila to do the same because Rick will be there soon to pick them up.  Sheilaís now in panic mode. 

Deacon says that the baby is Brookeís now and he has caused too much pain in this family.  He tells Bridget that he is moving to New York, but he wanted to apologize to her for everything he did.  Deacon also says that he canít see his baby because then he wonít want to leave.  This to me is the only cruel thing.  Why does Brooke get to have everything?  I mean eventually she and Bridget will kinda work things out and she has her new baby.  Deacon doesnít even get to see a kid that he wants to.  But whatever, Iím glad heís leaving.  He leaves and Brooke and Bridget just look at each other. 

Sheila tries to get out of the apartment, but unfortunately, Erica comes out of the bathroom and says she is ready.  Erica looks pretty nice but notices that Sheila isnít ready.  She tells her she is going to the drug store to get more mascara and that she and Rick can go on ahead.  Erica says that Sheila doesnít know where it is and that she can borrow some of hers.  Rick knocks on the door and Sheila runs into the bathroom saying that sheíll catch up, but now she has to get ready.  Erica answers the door and has some flowers for her mom.  Erica tells him that her mom is getting ready, but he says they can just wait for her.  Erica tries to get to Sheila along by telling her that Rick brought her flowers.  Rick tells Sheila that his whole family, including Eric (his dad) is excited to meet her.  Sheila groans in despair. 

Alright, more pre-emption news.  No B&B, or CBS daytime for that matter on Friday September 6th or Wednesday September 11th

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