The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/30/02

By Matthew

Brooke and Eric are enjoying some iced tea.  They talk about how they don’t believe Amber could have been kidnapped.  They hope that Rick will see through this and not go through the unhealthy cycle of taking her back again.  Eric leaves to go to Rick’s. 


Bridget downs some coffee to cool her nerves.  She’s having that big talk with Brooke this morning and doesn’t want to let her guard down.  CJ tells her to cool it on the coffee because she already seems wired.  CJ advises her to just tell her mom the truth and to not hold back.  He sends her on her way. 


Sheila can’t get some peanut butter open and yells out in anger.  Ziggy is fixing something else and does it for her.  He wonders why she is so stressed.  Ah, Erica didn’t call her.  Ziggy laughs at that, doubting Erica would be unsafe in such a big mansion.  Sheila knows that Rick is probably taking care of her, but wishes she could be there to see it. 


Rick, Erica, and Eric play in the guest room.  He wants to swim, but Rick says that Erica has to take it easy today.  Erica looks like she is doing well.  Eric walks in and smiles.


Brooke picks up Baby Logan and coos but puts her down when Bridget arrives.  Bridget is pretty unemotional with her and tells her that she just came her to tell her to back off.  She doesn’t want to talk or discuss or forgive.  Bridget doesn’t believe that Brooke has changed and all and tells her how Whip came and bugged her.  She adds that she has moved on and that Brooke, Deacon, and Whip are no longer in her life. 


Eric and Erica talk about what happened to her.  Eric is glad she is there for Little Eric and Rick.  He then goes on to invite her and her mom to dinner that night.  Erica loves the idea and asks him to invite her mom personally.  He calls Sheila on her cell phone and of course the connection is bad.  Sheila almost loses it when she hears Eric’s voice and then goes into a trance and accepts the invitation.  Eric couldn’t make out that it was Sheila’s voice.  Ziggy says she is nuts for accepting. 


Bridget has had it with Brooke and goes to leave when oops, Deacon shows up.  Bridget can’t believe he is there and this was just after Brooke had denied that she and Deacon were still a thing.  Uh-oh.  Sean Kanan looks a little rough, but I guess its because I haven’t seen him in a while. 


Alright, drive safely this weekend…and remember there is no CBS Daytime Monday September 2nd.  See ya Tuesday! 

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