The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/29/02

By Matthew

Oh baseball, please don’t leave me!

Okay, Ridge is totally shocked to see Amber in the hot tub and demands answers. He thinks Amber is trespassing until Taylor explains why she is there. Again, Ridge thinks Taylor is being taken in, but Taylor says that she is thinking rationally unlike Ridge. Amber doesn’t want them to fight so she starts to leave. Taylor offers her beach house to Amber. After she leaves, Ridge thinks Taylor is doing this to get back at him, but Taylor says that she is trying to help a family member. Ridge decides to stop arguing and persuades Taylor to get in the hot tub with him so they can make and whatever else.

Bridget gets stiffed by a customer on a tip and tells CJ about it. He offers to let her cover some of another waitress’ tables to make up for it. She thinks he should feel guilty more often b/c it works out for her. Later, Whip shows up and Bridget and he argue about her not talking to Brooke. He informs her he is leaving town and that she should try and make amends with her mom. Bridget is adamant that he, Deacon, and Brooke are out of her life. CJ eventually kicks him out.

Megan tells Brooke that trying to contact Bridget may be a mistake. Brooke thinks she has to bridge the gap. Later on, she gets a call from Bridget telling her she wants to meet with her tomorrow morning. At that time, they will finish things. Brooke was at first overjoyed, then scared.

We’ll see how it works out tomorrow!

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