The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday  8/27/02

By Matthew

Hehe, class from 8:00-3:15 straight isn’t so bad.  Umm, yes it is!


Looks, like the Forrester gang is having a meeting about promoting the Ambrosia line.  Eric says that it’s decided they will launch a full-scale radio attack.  Brooke says that makes sense because the line is no longer in stores.  Whip goes over new catch phrases to replace the “Get it on” idea.  Whip refers to us (people my age and younger) as Generation Y.  Rick and I both hate that reference and Rick friendly lets him know.  Whip then recites off all annoying catch phrases that range from tons of people using to maybe 1 person on the Internet might have used.  Eric thinks they have endured enough and ends the meeting.  Whip promises to get him a demo tape and Rick suggests he have it sent over to the house (Brooke’s).  Whip doesn’t confirm that and after Eric leaves, Rick wants to know what is going on between Brooke and Whip.


Amber tells Taylor that she’ll be scarce tonight so she can spend time with Ridge when he finally gets home.  Amber thanks Taylor again for her support and hopes Ridge doesn’t freak out when he finds out Amber is there.  She suggests that Taylor wait until tomorrow to break the news to Ridge so they can have tonight.  Amber says she’s going to go work for a few hours.


Ridge gets back to Marone Industries and is on the phone and has some secretary lady following him.  He tells the admiral that he needs to meet with him and tells him to send some papers to the office, but changes that request to home when he notices Taylor left a rose for him and some kind of present.  He’s about to leave to go home when Mass comes in and demands that he stay to work tonight and not put off running Marone anymore.  Ridge explains that he wants to spend time with his family tonight and tells him he has lined up all kinda of meetings for tomorrow.  He wonders what has got Mass so bugged.  Mass explains that Stephanie moved out to take care of Brooke’s baby.  Ridge can’t believe all this has happened since he left and lets Mass know he is sorry.  He offers to go out to dinner with him, but Mass sends him on home. 


Ridge gets home and he and Taylor do the sultry talk thing and then smooch a ton.


Brooke and Whip try to get Rick off their back but saying that everything is under control.  Rick wonders if they just got married to give the kid a name, who by the way is still unnamed.   Rick leaves without any answers and Brooke and Whip talk about their future.  Brooke thanks Whip and he is pretty genuine, but then Whip serves Brooke with annulment papers. Whoa!

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