The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/26/02

By Matthew

CJ breaks up the party kiss between Scott and Bridget and can’t really explain why he did it.  Darla and Bridget kinda egg him on and eventually, when Bridget wants to know what he expected from the evening, Darla asks Scott to have a cup of coffee somewhere else.  Bridget throws off her lei in a huff and Scott huffs off. 

Amber drops off Little Eric at the house and Rick is happy to see him.  She tells him they stopped off earlier but he was still at the hospital.  She brought some cookies for them to munch on.  Rick says she could have kept Eric over night, but Amber explains that Ridge is coming home tomorrow and things could get ugly.  Recall that he doesn’t know that Amber moved in.  When Rick asks what she is going to do, Amber suggests that she move back in.

Bridget sits down at the table and sighs.  CJ says he was only trying to do something nice.  Bridget says that she saw him spying, but he says he was merely a concerned friend.  Bridget gets up and walks off, angry that he can’t be honest. 

Bridget tells him that if he didn’t want to go out with her, then he didn’t have to round up someone else.  CJ says that isn’t true, he just isn’t ready to date.  Bridget doesn’t think she is either.  When CJ calls Bridget Budge, she tells him to not ever call her that.  Only the people who know her and love her can call her that, and he obviously doesn’t know her otherwise he wouldn’t have lied to her like that.  CJ apologizes for what happened. 

Rick tells Amber that her fight with Erica landed her in the hospital, but Amber says it wasn’t her fault.  Rick wonders if that is really true and wonders if she thinks the thing with Lance isn’t her fault either.  Amber tells Rick to look past all this and see they are a family.  Amber suggests that they can work on their problems better if she lives at home.  When Rick resists that suggestion, Amber says she can stay in the guest room and help take care of Eric.  Rick reveals that Erica is staying in the guest room.  Amber is shocked. 

Rick explains that he feels he needs to take care of Erica, especially since she and her mom aren’t getting alone.  Amber doesn’t get mad and says that she understands Rick’s decision and isn’t; going to worry about Erica putting the moves on Rick.  She trusts him and says that when she comes back it’s going to be because Rick wants her to.  Rick says that never really is sure what Amber is going to do next, but says that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Eric comes up with his remote control racecar and the three of them play with it.  Erica watches from upstairs, but decides to leave them alone. 

CJ explains that the party design was supposed to be Hawaii.  Bridget figured that out.  Bridget eventually leaves, and as she does says that she just wanted to spend a nice evening with a good friend.  CJ is left alone to ponder what happened. 

Bridget returns to her room and calls Betsy.  While calling she takes a flower she had for CJ and throws it away.  Bridget explains what happened and Betsy wonders if they read him wrong.  Bridget tells her about Scott and Betsy deduces that CJ probably doesn’t feel he is good enough for Bridget.  You’re on the money babe!  Bridget kinda takes that as a compliment and doesn’t seem to be as mad about it.

CJ returns to his room and bangs "Shave and a haircut" on the wall (adjacent to Bridget’s room) three times and she finally responds (after getting in bed) "2-bits." They both smile and she gets up and takes out his flower from the trashcan. 

Eric doesn’t it like it when Amber has to say goodnight downstairs.  Amber explains that Rick is going to read him a story about Curious George and then he can have a cookie.  Amber says Rick has one in there too and it’s especially for Rick because it’s the hottest one.  Rick is confused but says night to Amber who leaves.  Rick opens up the box and sees three gingerbread people.  One Rick, one Eric, and one sexy Amber.  Rick tells Eric his mother is silly. 

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