The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/23/02

By Glynis

CJ and Darla are talking up in his apartment.  When Darla suggests that Bridget was misled about their date, CJ becomes angry.  He reiterates that he did this for Bridget and that he is not ready to date yet.  Itís still pretty obvious that CJ has feelings for Bridget.  CJ says that Bridget will go downstairs; take one look at ScottÖDarla then interrupts and says sheíll forget all about CJ.  Heh.

Scott makes it through the awkward moment by laughing about how funny blind dates are.  He says that CJ was trying to make Bridget feel better.  She might as well have a good time right? 

Stephanie is over at Taylorís place, but Taylor isnít around.  She looks at the terrace and recalls a moment with Baby Mary.  You know Stephanieís hair was just a little longer then, but it really did make her look younger.  Mary of course has very blonde hair, which I still donít quite understand how it got so dark.  She tells Mary that itís hard for her to understand why her mommy (Sheila) isnít around.  She says that she and James wonít let Sheila hurt her.  Back into the present, Taylor comes in with tea.  Stephanie tells Taylor that ever since she heard from James, she has been thinking about Mary.  Taylor says that she has too.  James spoke to her about how he misses her so much.  They both canít believe that Mary would be an adult now.  Taylor just hopes that she managed to come out all right and is happy.  Stephanie finds that very hard to believe. 

Erica is crying about her dad when Rick comes in with some food.  Rick notices and talks to her about it.  She thinks that her dad is out there searching for her but something keeps stopping him from finding her.  She wonders what it could be.  Maybe money or maybe heís sick?  Or maybe your mother is nutsy and evil?  Erica thinks that maybe her father just didnít want to find her.  Rick doesnít think he would do that and then Erica just starts bashing her dad.  Hmm, I still donít see how she couldnít realize that maybe her mother had something to do with this, like how she had something to do with Amberís situation. 

Taylor believes that its possible that Mary turned out all right, but Stephanie says that is wishful thinking.  Even though Brooke wasnít that great of her mother, Eric was always a stabilizing force.  Stephanie doesnít think that Sheila could have anyone in her life to keep her in check.  Well, Ziggy was kinda doing that, but not lately.  Heís being a pushover as of late.  Stephanie thinks she failed Mary by letting Sheila take her, but Taylor believes that James will one day find his daughter. 

CJ is getting antsy and wants to go check on Scott and Bridget.  Bridget is having a rotten time despite Scottís charm.  Scott already has his MBA.  Wowee.  When Bridget spots CJ and Darla watching, she asks Scott to lei her.  He and everyone else thinks she meant "lay" her, aka, letís hit the sack jack.  CJ is shocked, but then slightly relieved when Bridget clarifies.  They start dancing and this is just too funny. 

Erica isnít sure if she remembers he dad or has just fantasized about him singing to her.  She tells Rick she isnít allowed to talk about it with her mom.  She remembers that she mentioned how she was waiting for her dad to her mom and she became cold and really scary looking, so she never brought it up again.  Rick thinks her dad may come back into her life when she really needs it the most. 

Bridget really lays it on thick with Scott.  She starts dancing with him and is all over him.  CJ is none to pleased. 

Erica gets ready for bed.  She looks at Jamesí picture again and cries a little more. She goes to the window and looks out.  She wonders when her daddy is coming back to her. 

When Scott starts kissing Bridget (after Bridgetís lead), CJ rushes out and breaks them up.  He apologizes to Bridget because he didnít think Scott would do this.  Bridget makes it clear that she wanted Scott to kiss her and thought that was what CJ wanted too.  CJ is at a loss for words. 

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