The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/22/02

By Matthew

CJ closes up Insomnia early and Bridget takes notice.  CJ makes sure she is still available for tonight.  Bridget thinks he’s really into this, but he says it’s no big deal.  Bridget leaves to go find Betsy upstairs and CJ calls Darla to come in quick.  Darla has the luau decorations but doesn’t look too happy. 

The doctor quizzes Erica on her apartment number and the month and that kinda stuff.  She then asks her about her dad’s birthday, but Erica says she never knew him.  Ouch.  Hmm, foreshadowing!?  Rick comes in and asks if she is ready to go.  The doctor tells her to take it easy for the next few days.  She leaves and Erica smiles at Rick. 

Amber walks into Taylor’s house and whoa Taylor is working and has some ugly ass glasses on.  That’s right though, she’s close to 40 and the eyes are a going.  Amber has little Eric with her.  Taylor asks her about asking Rick to dinner.  Amber couldn’t find him and found out that Rick went to the hospital.  When Taylor mentions Erica’s name, Eric shouts "Erica!"  Taylor tells Amber that at least this way she gets a little more time with her son.  Amber gets frustrated that she wanted to have her family together, but now Rick is with the woman who is trying to sabotage it all.  Taylor tells her to calm down.  Amber is still sure that Erica is involved.

Bridget and Betsy get ready for the party and Betsy kids her that she thinks it’s a date.  Bridget starts to get nervous and Betsy tells her to admits that she has feelings for CJ. 

Rick gives Erica a card that Erica made for her.  Rick lets us know that Erica is going home with him to recuperate.  Erica is excited about seeing Eric again but is happy he is spending the day with his mom.  Erica grabs Rick’s hand and says that he is her only friend in LA.

Taylor is on the phone with someone and it sounds like someone died.  Amber comes down and asks Taylor what happened.  Apparently, James Warwick’s dad just died.  Ouch.  The two start discussing how James has no family now since Sheila ran off with Mary.  Taylor doesn’t think he’ll ever get over that.  Amber wonders what kind of a person Mary is. 

Erica is changed and gets a call from Sheila.   She’s pretty mad at her for not stopping by or even calling.  Sheila says she did come by but Erica was asleep.  Erica doesn’t really believe her.  Sheila is delighted to hear that Erica is going home with Rick.  She wonders how she’s going to play this.  Erica can’t believe she is talking this way.  Rick comes in and Erica hangs up.  Rick laughs when Erica admits her mom was telling her to come on to Rick again. 

CJ goes upstairs to get Bridget for the luau.  Bridget is incredibly excited. 

Amber wants to go hide out since Stephanie is coming over to Taylor’s.  Taylor tells her to stay. 

Rick tells Erica she has tomorrow off and then they get to talking about her dad and how she doesn’t know anything about him.  Erica says she really wants to find him, but doesn’t know how.  Erica later pulls out a picture and you can see her and the back of James’ head.  She cries that she misses her dad and lies down to sleep. 

Bridget is floored when Scott comes out and introduces him as her date and not CJ. 

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