The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/21/02

By Matthew

At Cedars, Amber sadly watches as Rick comforts an injured Erica.  Behind Amber, Sheila glares at her.  Amber says to herself that she didnít mean to hurt Erica, but really just wanted her to leave them alone. 

Inside, Rick asks Erica how she is doing.  Eh, tired.  Erica asks if her mother has arrived.  Rick says that she hasnít yet, but is sure sheíll be there soon.  He takes Ericaís hand.  Amber is visibly shaken by this and almost looks like she is going to turn around and spot Sheila, but Sheila walks off.  She questions a nurse about Ericaís condition, but she tells her she canít give out that kind of info.  Sheila pleads with her to know if Erica is okay.  The nurse explains that Erica came in unconscious, but is awake now.  They are still waiting on her X-Rays.  The nurse walks off and Sheila turns to Amber and tries to keep from killing her right there. 

At Insomnia, Bridget talks to her friend Betsy about CJís surprise party for her.  Bridget plays down the fact that CJ has a crush on her.  She jokes that she threw him a party so heíd do this for her.  Betsy wonders why sheís getting so excited about this if itís no big deal.  CJ arranges some menu and then this dude walks up.  Oh this must be Scott, the friend CJ wants to setup with Bridget.  Scott already knows that CJ wants him to take out a girl.  CJ jokes that this isnít as bad as when Howie asked him to take out his cousin.  CJ points out Bridget to Scott who is immediately attracted. 

Erica gets concerned that her mom wonít be able to find her and then thinks she isnít coming.  Rick understands that sometimes no matter how old you are, you just need mommy. 

ďMommyĒ is still glaring at Amber in the waiting room.  Taylor shows up and asks what the hell is going on. 

Bridget feels guilty that she led CJ to believe that she was bummed about the summer.  She was just having a bad day after her talk with Rick.  Bridget thinks that itís amazing that CJ has been so supportive of her despite all the bad blood between the families.  Betsy jokes that maybe CJ is madly in love with her and is willing to overlook things.  Bridget denies that, but is caught when she refuses to setup Betsy with CJ.  Betsy realizes that Bridget is falling for CJ. 

Scott is amazed and impressed Bridget used to be a model and is going to school for pre-med.  Scott wonders why CJ isnít taking her out.  He says that he isnít ready for the dating scene yet.  CJ glances over to Bridget who sees him. 

Amber explains what happened with Erica to Taylor.  Sheís sure Erica is responsible because this is all too much of a coincidence.  Sheila smiles when Amber wonders who would want to hurt her like this. 

Rick wonders where Ericaís mother is.  Erica gets sad because she knows that Sheila isnít coming.  She gets sobby and tells Rick about how Sheila didnít come to her soccer game when she was 10.  Apparently Sheila told her that she didnít need anyoneís approval.  I still canít believe that Erica hasnít realized Sheila is at least responsible for Lance drugging Amber.  Rick tells Erica he is there for her. 

Taylor and Amber head out for the cafeteria and then Sheila comes out in a nurseís uniform and mask.   She walks up to Ericaís window and looks in. 

CJ talk to Bridget and asks her if she has any plans for tomorrow night.  Nope.  He tells her to be here tomorrow at 7:30. 

Rick leaves to take a potty break or something and this gives Sheila the chance to go in Ericaís room.  She reads her chart and is apparently relieved by what she reads.  She talks to an asleep Erica.  Sheila promises her that she wonít let anyone ever hurt her again.  Rick shows back up and Sheila goes into her hoarse voice.  She tells Rick that Erica is doing well.  Rick wants to stay there with Erica.  Then Sheila puts her hand on Rickís face and says that Erica is a lucky girl.  Rick thinks that was kinda weird, but Dr. Paxson shows up and asks how Erica is doing.  Vitals are all good.  The tests came back good as well: no tissue or bone damage.  Sheila leaves and is pretty pleased with herself.  Just as she does, Taylor and Amber walk back from the cafeteria and Sheila quickly retreats to a corner.  She listens as Taylor tells Amber to avoid confrontations and to stay focused.  She has to find out why Lance did what he did.  Taylor leaves to go home.  

Amber stares into the room again and then Sheila comes up behind Amber and tells her to stay away from Erica in the hoarse voice.  Sheila quickly walks off and Amber is really weirded out. 

Okay does Sheila have half a brain?  This just going to add another piece of the puzzle to the mystery.  Once Amber puts together that Erica has a mother, who they havenít met yet.  Sheíll realize she is behind and then eventually find who the mother is.  Pssh!

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