The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/20/02

By Matthew


Amber freaks out over Ericaís fall and asks her if she can hear her.  Erica is sprawled out on the floor with a nasty gash in her head.  Amber jumps up to call the paramedics. 

Bridget asks for an espresso at Insomnia, and then decides that isnít enough and asks for a double.  CJ notices Bridget looks down and asks her what is wrong.  Bridget explains this summer isnít what she thought it would be.  She thought she would be modeling in Hawaii, but now thatís over. 

At Las Olas, Sheila enjoys a margarita and powders her nose.  I notice she has a nice handgun in her purse that she promptly zips closed.  She takes off her sunglasses when she sees Mass.  The two are coy with each otherís intentions.  Mass orders a drink himself.  Sheila thought he would be on his trip by now.  He says that has been put off for now.  She figures that she offered that trip to someone else before he offered it to her.  She also guesses he isnít used to hearing no. 

Amber tells the operator that she hasnít moved Erica yet.  She bends over to Erica and tells her the paramedics are coming.  Rick comes in and asks what Amber has done to Erica.  Oh great.

Mass receives his drink and the two keep babbling away.  Mass says that he can tell that Sheila is a forceful person and is terrible protective of her daughter and her privacy.  Sheila is caught off guard when Mass says he wouldnít want to be on the other end of her .22.  He says he guessed that she wouldnít leave herself to be vulnerable like that. 

Erica is wheeled into the ER and Dr. Paxson (she worked on Morgan) asks what happened.  Amber says she fell and hit her head.  Her pulse and respiration are normal, but she still hasnít woken up.  She finally does wake up and starts mumbling about how she didnít kill Lance.  The EMTís take her up to have an X-Ray and CAT scan.  Rick is livid with Amber and doesnít speak to her. 

Darla pops into Insomnia to see CJ.  Heís on the phone with a party planner and it sounds like heís planning a luau.  Oh I get it for Bridget.  Darla doesnít catch on that this is a private party for him and Bridget until he spells it out for her.  Darla thinks that is sweet.  Darla and I become confused when CJ mentions inviting a guy named Scott who he thinks would hit it off great with Bridget.  Aww, CJ!

Ericaís bandaged and in bed.  Rickís with her.  He explains she had a mild concussion and she has to stay overnight, but sheís going to be fine.  He tried to call her mom, but she wasnít at home.  He also adds that Amber isnít there and she doesnít have to worry about her.  Amber watches from outside the room. 

Mass and Sheila continue their date, when Sheila gets a call.  Itís Erica.  Erica explains what happened and Sheila quickly leaves for the hospital. 

Erica isnít sure if her mom is coming.  Rick sees Amber watching from outside and goes to talk to her.  He angrily stares at Amber. 

Darla says that Bridget might want to be alone with CJ and not some other guy.  CJ doesnít think he is ready for a relationship.  Bridget overhears some of the conversation and then smiles when she hears the word "date."

Rick doesnít listen to Amberís explanation and tells her to get some help.  He angrily returns to the room and Amber realizes that Erica has walked away with her life.  She wonders how this all happened.  Just then, the cause of all this walks out of the elevator and glares at Amber.  Hello Mommy Dearest!    

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