The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/19/02

By Matthew

Rick tells Bridget about Amberís theory on her night oí mystery.  Bridget sums it all up.  She says that it hurts to believe that someone you love would do something terrible and that youíre always ready to grab onto any excuse.  She thinks Amber is not accepting what she did and is trying to blame others.  Rick thinks she is biased after what happened with her and Deacon, but Bridget says she isnít bitter anymore and reminds Rick that there is life post Amber.  When she hears that Erica went to confront Amber, she worries that Amber might do something crazy. 

Sheila tries to cover herself by sobbing and it works because Taylor thinks she was a close friend of Lanceís.  Sheila never shows her face but Taylor gets closer and closer and keeps asking more and more questions about Lance.  I thought Sheila was going to do something, but then Ziggy shows up (probably wondering why Sheila was taking so long) and plays along with the grieving woman story.  He grabs Sheila and holds her so her face canít be seen and kicks Taylor out.  Taylor apologizes and says she just wants the truth.  Ziggy slips and says she must investigate crime scenes, prompting Taylor to ask if there was a crime.  He tells her she is trespassing, and wants to call the police, but Sheila ribs him and he says she can just leave.  Taylor tells Sheila that if she remembers anything, to please call her via Ziggy.  After Taylor leaves, Sheila becomes angry and knows Taylor will stop at nothing to find the truth.  They leave, but keep the act up and good thing too, because Taylor was hiding behind a plant.  I donít know if she heard Ziggy say, "The coast is clear" or not. 

Erica thinks Amber is wicked for lying to Rick and blaming her for not only being involved in her drugging but for also murdering Lance.  Erica says that she will not let Amber go home this way.  The two fight and Amberís claw are in full motion.  She tells Erica to stay away from her son, her man, and her house.  Her days as the nanny are over.  She canít believe she was stupid to actually trust her biggest fan.  Erica tries to physically restrain Amber from leaving and when Amber pushes her off, she (of course) hits her head on the desk and is out cold.  Amber is freaked out and feels her head, which is (of course) bloody.  Hmm, similar to Taylor and Morgan?  Yeah and I can see how Amber will be blamed. 

One of those "get it on" promos reveals that Amber calls for an ambulance and Rick comes in and asks Amber what she has done.  There are some scenes with Mass and Sheila, and Sheila is actually without a disguise, too.  Weíll see what happens tomorrow. 

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