The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/16/02

By Glynis

Okay important stuff going on today!

First of all, Erica is livid that Amber accused her of drugging her.  No, they’re getting it wrong, Erica told Lance to drug Amber.  That would make more sense even though it didn’t happen either.  She tells Rick to break free from the cycle of always believing Amber and taking her back.  Rick actually thinks Amber’s story makes sense up to the part about Erica having something to do with it. Rick has to go check on Eric, but Erica takes this opportunity, despite Rick’s protest, goes to confront Amber. 

Taylor stops by Rick’s office because Amber called her.  Amber explains what happened and Taylor reminds her that they don’t know everything yet.  Taylor says that she could tell the building manager at Lance’s apartment was hiding something.  However, Amber doesn’t know that the manager is the same guy who got her drugs back in May.  Taylor offers to go back by there later to search for clues. Amber thanks her for her support. 

Ziggy drops by Sheila’s place and she tells him how flattered she is that he keeps coming by.  Ziggy reveals that a beautiful woman was snooping around Lance’s place.  He reluctantly gives Sheila the woman’s card.  Of course Sheila knows Taylor and tells Ziggy that she is married to Ridge Forrester.  Sheila demands to know what Taylor wanted.  Ziggy tells her that she wanted to help her friend with unresolved issues with Lance and guesses this friend is Amber.  Ziggy says he sent her away, but Sheila is sure she’ll be back but then realizes that there isn’t anything in Lance’s place to connect to her.  Ziggy reveals that the money that Sheila paid Lance is still there.  Sheila panics and orders Ziggy to go get it for her.  Ziggy doesn’t want to get involved and then becomes suspicious that Sheila did have something to do with Lance’s death, but Sheila once again denies it.  Then, Sheila demands that Ziggy give her the key to Lance’s room.  Ziggy reluctantly gives it to her.  Good job Ziggy.  Way to be a man. 

Sheila gets kind of disguised and goes to Lance’s apartment.  She retrieves the money and then sees Lance’s picture and takes too long while she remembers how Lance was blackmailing her.  Then, she wipes off the picture she was holding and then, just to be sure, she wipes off the prints on the bars of the window.  She’s talking to herself about how she won’t let Lance send her back to jail when she hears a woman go "Who are you?"  It’s Taylor and Sheila has her back to her.  Sheila has a look of panic on her face as she figures out what to do.  Oh this is too much!

Back at Forrester, Amber is packing up some papers in her briefcase when Erica storms in.  Amber wants to know what she is doing there.  Erica says she knows damn well what this is about.  The two cats glare at each other and get their claws ready.  Meow!

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