The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/15/02

By Glynis

Taylor is snooping around outside of Lanceís apartment.  She hears key jingle and moves behind a wall to wait.  Its Ziggy coming and he opens up Lanceís apartment.  He notes how messy the place is and feels sorry that Lance was killed by bees.  He doesnít want Lanceís family to see his place like this so he starts cleaning up.  After opening a drawer, he spots the wad of cash that Sheila gave Lance.  Just then, Taylor pops her head in and scares the crap out of Ziggy who quickly puts away the money.  He wants to know what she is doing there to which Taylor responds with a question about why he is there. 

For some reason, Erica brings Eric over to her apartment, even though she says Sheila is messed up.  Hmm, that makes a lot of sense to bring someone elseís kid over to your psycho motherís place.  Erica and Sheila talk about Eric and how she feels she has becomes attached to the kid.  Sheila strokes Ericaís ego and Erica now feels like she could give Rick and the kid a stable life.  This was something that Amber could not do. 

Rick tells someone on the phone that he is going through a hard time now.  Then, he takes his wedding picture with Amber off the desk and puts it in the drawer.  Just then, Amber comes in and wants to know if Erica is with Eric.  Well, yeah she and Rick have been taking care of him lately.  Amber states that she doesnít like that and then notices that their picture isnít on the desk.  She recovers quickly and tells Rick she thinks she was drugged by Lance at the party.  Rick canít believe that it could be true, but listens to Amber.  Rick wonders why Lance would do this.  Amber states that she thinks someone else is involved. 

Erica doesnít know how Amber could abuse her family like this.  Then she tells Sheila that Amber missed out on an important meeting today about promoting her line.  This prompts a discussion about how Erica is in the know on fashion and should give Rick her input on it at these meetings.  Erica stole one of tapes that has the jingle on it so she can give her two cents on it.  Erica does note that the time she and Rick talk is wonderful.  Sheila can barely contain her joy. 

Sheila warns Erica to keep an eye out for Amber.  Erica wonders what she could do.  Sheila says that she might try and turn Rick against her.  Erica doesnít think that could happen because she hasnít done anything wrong.  Sheila warns her again to keep her eyes peeled.   

Taylor asks if Ziggy is the super or the manager.  Ziggy wants to know what she wants.  Taylor asks if it is standard for the apartments not to have screens.  Ziggy tells her that isnít his responsibility.  He introduces himself and Taylor introduces herself as "Dr. Taylor Hayes."  She probably did that so he wouldnít know she was a Forrester.  Then she asks about Lance and his character.  Ziggy reveals that Lance was a model and needed cash.  He then slips that Lance would do anything for the money.  Taylor picks up on this, only making Ziggy more nervous. 

Amber reveals that she thinks Erica was working with Lance to bring her down.  Rick says that is ridiculous, but Amber explains how it makes sense.  At the party, the only people they didnít or who had something to gain from this were Lance and Erica.  She feels Erica is going after him.  After all, what do they know about her?  She showed up back in April and gave Amber some flowers, but she could be totally nuts for all they know.  Amber also thinks that she had something to do with Lanceís demise.  Rick doesnít think he is that bad a judge of character.  He then asks if she was tested for the drugs.  Amber says the results were inconclusive because too much time had passed.  Rick doesnít buy it and says itís too far fetched.  He leaves saying this isnít the right explanation. 

Ziggy tries to cover that he meant Lance would do any kind of cover shoot and reminds her he said he was a model.  Taylor then asks if Lance had a criminal background or a girlfriend.  Ziggy says that sheíll have to look that stuff up if she wants it.  She apologizes for being insensitive, but sheís trying to help out a friend who had "unresolved" issues with Lance that are totally screwing up her life.  Ziggy wonders if she wants him to rat out his friend.  Taylor wonders if Ziggy knows that Lance did anything wrong.  Ziggy doesnít answer and Taylor says she doesnít want to get him in trouble, but something is going on here and she thinks he knows what it is.  Ziggy denies that and when Taylor tries to look around the place herself, Ziggy all but throws her out.  Dammit Ziggy, stop screwing up things.  Taylor says that itíll just take a minute and he can stand right there.  Nope, his family is coming soon and he has to get the placed cleaned up.  Taylor drops it and gives him her card and says if he thinks of anything or anyone Lance had to do with it, he should call her.  Ziggy shuts the door and looks at the card. 

Rick comes home and looks at Erica and Eric playing.  He thinks about Amberís words of how Erica drugged her and is nuts.  Erica tells Rick about their day and how she stopped off at her momís place.  Eric runs in to eat lunch and Rick takes that time to discuss what Amber accused Erica of.  Erica goes nuts and says itís ridiculous that she would blame her.  When Rick semi defends what Amber says, Erica wonders if Rick believes that she would do something like that. 

Back at Rickís office, Amber looks at her wedding photo.  She says that somehow Erica is involved and she is going to prove it to Rick somehow.  She puts the picture back on the desk. 

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