The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/14/02

By Matthew

Okay, first of all I have some comments about yesterdayís and Mondayís show.  Now, we never found out if Mass went home with Sheila or vice versa.  I doubt they did anything, but who knows.  Second of all, didnít anyone else notice how cheery Ziggy was on Mondayís show?  Last week, which was the same day Lance was found dead, Ziggy was so upset about Lanceís death and he practically accused Sheila of being involved with it, and now the same day, heís cheery with chili dogs?  I donít really get it. 

Alright, Taylor and Amber are at the lab waiting to get the test results back.  Taylor makes sure they do a full screen just to make sure Lance didnít use a drug from the same family as the one mentioned yesterday.  Amber knows she is blowing off an important meeting today, but says this is a higher priority right now.  The two do some brainstorming and Amber realizes that Lance wasnít working alone.  Perhaps and obsessed fan like, Erica, was working with him to take Amber down.  Taylor isnít sure there is enough proof to jump to a conclusion like that, but Amber is sure she is involved some how.  Bad news, the tests come back negative.  Amber is almost in tears and Taylor tells her that this doesnít mean she wasnít drugged.  He could have used an untraceable drug or it could be out of her system by now.  Amber vows, once again, to get to the bottom of this mess.

Rick is disappointed, but not surprised that Amber didnít show up for the meeting.  Itís an ad campaign meeting to promote the Ambrosia line.  Whip has the idea to use the radio to promote it.  They have all the zip codes of the people (teens) who bought clothing on Tele-Save so they know where to concentrate, since radio advertising can be pricey.  Whipís slogan for the campaign is "Get it on."  Hmm, that sounds oddly familiar.  Oh yeah itís the CBS daytime promo slogan.  Kristen thinks itís a little racy, especially for Eric.  Everyone agrees to listen to some demo tapes before making the final call.  Later, Erica admits that Amber called last night and blessed her out. She also got the impression that she had been drinking.  She tells Rick to not worry about her or Amber.  He needs to focus on himself. 

Stephanie pays Bridget an early morning visit.  Bridget explains how she threw a party for CJ last night.  She also goes on to say that she thinks he has turned a corner.  He doesnít seem so bitter and depressed anymore.  Stephanie gets the impression that the two are involved, but Bridget sets her straight though in her head it wouldnít be a bad thing.  Later, Bridget says by to Stephanie and gets to work.  CJ is a real ass today, I mean a REAL ASS.  He says that she screwed up and order and demands she change out the coffee filters right now.  Bridget becomes angry and wonders why she wastes her time on him.  Wanting to get the last word in, CJ wonders why his customers waste their time on her.  She stomps off and CJ smiles.  Hmm, whatís he up to. 

Bridget complains to her co-worker that CJ is a bastard and that they shouldnít put up with this abuse.  She thinks they should walk out in protest.  He tells her to just change the filters.  She pulls out one of the coffee filters and sees a thank you note with a flower attached to it.  CJ walks up and Bridget is touched, though she wonders why he had to make her nuts before hand.  He responds that she could have just given him a happy b-day card instead of a whole party.  The two laugh. 

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