The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/13/02

By Matthew

At Rick’s, Erica confesses that she feels guilty about how she used Zende to get closer to Amber back in May.  She wants to take Little Eric over to play with Zende, who is MIA by the way, at the beach.  Rick doubts she did any harm and when Erica compares herself to her mother, Rick disagrees.  Erica says that she isn’t her mom but she can be influenced by her.  She admits her mother is a user and sometimes she doesn’t really what she is doing and then sees that her actions are just like her mom.  She feels really embarrassed afterwards.  Little Eric is sticky with ice-cream and eventually Rick takes him up to bed. 

Taylor comes down in her pj’s to a sad sad Amber.  Taylor brainstorms that Amber could have been drugged that night (with a roofie) and that she should be tested in the morning.  They’ll get a urine sample tonight and have it tested.  The drugs could still be in her system.  What is bothering Amber is that Lance seemed guilty for what he did, which makes her wonder why he would drug her in the first place.  In the end though, she realizes if she gives Rick proof that she was drugged, then she’ll be home by tomorrow.  Taylor warns her to not talk to Rick until she has something solid and tells her to get some sleep.  Later, Amber calls her house, and who answers, yep Erica.  Amber is none too pleased about this and demands to talk to Rick.  Erica says he isn’t available which infuriates Amber.  She accuses Erica of trash talking her to Rick.  Erica denies this and says they don’t even talk about her anymore.  Amber warns her to not get too comfortable in her shoes, because she will be back really soon.  Erica hangs up on her which only adds to her anger.  Amber is adamant that she will get her life back. 

Sheila and Mass continue their flirting.  He gets rid of her merlot and orders something a little nicer and a whole bottle to keep her interested.  They talk about responsibilities and how most people wouldn’t take a trip around the world if they were offered one right now.  Oh, I would.  Yeah, screw school.  It’ll be here when I get back.  Sheila confesses she is a single mother and couldn’t go with Mass.  She adds that her daughter will soon be out of the nest so to speak and then she might take up Mass on his offer.  She doesn’t reveal her name, but she does take off her sunglasses.  Why doesn’t anyone recognize her?  How many people does she have to kill to be famous!?

See ya later alligator. 

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