The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/12/02

By Matthew

Ah greetings to the East Coast!

Well, I was out of TV-land for the end of last week but I think Iíve caught up.

Clarke, Sally, Kristen, Tony, Darla, and Sofia (AKA the gang) are all talking about how CJ behaved. Sally isnít going to defend her sonís actions. She knows they were wrong, but he did go through a terrible ordeal, which has made it hard to let people get close to him again. Kristenís a little bitchy and says thatís no excuse and that he blew it big time. Okay, Kristen we get it. She says that Bridget went through a terrible ordeal, i.e. her messy divorce/marriage, and for her to do this is pretty amazing. CJ might have ruined it all. Okay, itís not like WW III is impending or anything.

Last I checked, Bridget and CJ were ďembracingĒ as he tried to stop her from moving out. He was a complete horseís ass to fire her. They snap out of the hug and Bridget says she didnít need this. Then CJ starts questioning Bridget as to why she did this for him. He thinks itís a big deal, but she plays it off as easy because he didnít have many friends to invite. CJ admits he pushes people away. Sheyea, thatís an understatement. Bridget accepts his apology and I think the two are about to kiss, but Sally comes barging in and wants to know whatís going on. CJ explains that he was apologizing to Bridget. Sally tells him to get out there because the party is dying. Bridget isnít going to go at first, but CJ grabs her arm and they all go to the party.

Ziggy, who by the way doesnít knock, uses his keys to get into Ericaís apartment and it looks like he has two hot dogs. He tells her to come out and notices that they cleaned up all the Forrester crap. Hmm, why? B/c itís not a fantasy anymore or because that would weird Rick out if her ever came over? Sheila comes out of the bathroom and boy I forget how old she really is supposed to be. Ziggy is taken aback too and spouts a pun about a devil in a blue dress, which Sheila has on. Sheila smirks at him and cue in the sexy music, which is more amusing than sexy to me. The intro to the theme is ďsexy vampĒ of the original, kinda cheesy, but appropriate.

Ziggy wonders whatís up. Sheila says sheís going to go nuts (no pun intended) if she stays in this apartment another minute. Hmm, a little risky yes, but I doubt sheíll get caught. Remember, this is LA, where criminals rule the streets and psychopaths can get out time and time again. Anyway, Ziggy suggests that they stay in together and have a little fun of their own. How old is Ziggy supposed to be? The beard and non-dressy shirt make him look about 25 which Iím sure is a compliment to Matt Borlenghi. At any rate, Sheila says she has had her share of chilidogs. Um, eww. Oh wait, thatís not what they were referring to. After you have champagne and caviar, you can never go back. Oh yeah, she was married to 2 doctors and a CEO. Ziggy tells her she doesnít know what she is missing. Sheila thinks she does and tells him not to wait up. Ziggy, like me and so many other people have done and will do professes love to his food with a ďI guess its you and me baby.Ē Throw in some baseball and a six pack and youíve got a Friday night for me sometimes. Sigh.

At the Bikini bar, I think (itís been a long time) Mass and the Admiral are drowning their sorrows about Stephanie. Mass is sad because Stephanie wonít come on the trip with him to the Mediterranean and Milan. The Admiral is sad because heís been stuck in LA for WAY too long and needs to be on the sea. Admiral suggests Mass call Tina (weíve met her before) or this other chick, but Mass says girl #2 was married last Christmas. Admiral jokes that itís probably over by now. Mass decides to call it a night when Admiral starts giving him woman advice. His advice basically tells Mass to find a savage beast of a woman for a one-night stand. Mass leaves, but not before spotting a mysterious woman in blue, who just happens to be Sheila. Now why would Sheila go to a bar that she knows Forrester people have been to before?

Mass stops at Sheilaís table. She tells him that she is alone but doesnít want company. Mass doesnít recognize her and says that he has a feeling that sheís going to be a lot of trouble. Sheila says he has no idea.

Back at Insomnia the party continues. The workers/friends of CJ sing ďFor heís a jolly goodfellowĒ with an added line about CJís wrath. Itís all in fun though. Then, we get a ďYour life on videoĒ segment with old pictures of Mick Cain spliced with a much younger Sally and Clarke. Then, video segments of CJ and Becky and then Macy, it looks like just before they both died. Then a final picture with Sally, CJ and Macy. CJ is almost in tears, but I think itís more melancholy than deep sad tears.

Later, CJ helps Bridget unpack since he was the one who sent her packing in the first place. When CJ accidentally picks up one of her bras, thinks get a little uncomfortable and CJ decides to leave, but itís all good. When heís about to leave, I swear I thought he would ask her out, but instead he reminds her that she has the early shift tomorrow. Címon man get some balls. He leaves, but I know they both have to feel something.

See ya tomorrow!

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