The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/9/02

By Glynis

Sally is worried that they are making a mistake having a party for CJ. Clarke knows that the party is the right thing for CJ.  He will come around.  CJ shows up to sign fake papers for taxes and Sally and Clarke provide some.  CJ turns to leave for work but Clarke asks him to deliver some papers for him but CJ says that he has to get back to work as Bridget has booked some party for some guy that he canít afford. He says that he has to get back to the club as he has fired Bridget.

Bridget is at Insomnia and she is still making sure that everything is going as planned for CJ in spite of the fact that CJ has fired her.  She oversees everything but she is sad.  Darla is there and sees that Bridget is down.  She tells Darla that CJ has fired her.  She doesnítí get it. After all the conversations that they had, how could he turn around and fire her. What a shame.

Massimo is glad to see Stephanie, as he would like to have dinner with her.  He is glad that she has spoken to Brooke about her trip.  Massimo goes on about the things that they are going to see on the trip.  Stephanie stops him from talking any further and she tells him that she canít go.  Massimo is angry to hear that.  She is sorry, but she canít go on the trip with him right now.  He tells her that he has been disappointed before when he couldnít claim his son and when she wouldnít take Ericís ring off her hand. That was disappointment.  He feels that he can tell now that he will never get together with Stephanie as she has a compulsive need to be a saviour to her family.  It is never going to end for her.  He would like to do something for her and give her a life of her own, but she doesnít want it.  He feels that she isnít being fair to him and he is not going to put up with it anymore.  She tries to explain that this has nothing to do with her feelings for him.  She knows that Brookeís baby is not hers, but she is afraid that if she goes away with him, Brooke will turn to Eric or Thorne to comfort her.  Stephanie feels that she needs to stay there and keep an eye on her.  Stephanie tells him that she is going to move into the 2nd guesthouse for a little while.  She is not moving back with Eric, she is only going to be near Brooke.  Massimo thought that he could have a life with her, but this is something that he will not accept.  This changes everything for him.  She canít tell him what he would like to hear. He is going to do what he wants to do.  The baby needs her help and protection and she is not going to let that child down.  Stephanie turns and leaves him where he stands.

CJ walks into his party and sees that a party has been set up for him.  Sally makes a speech telling her son that he has never been forgotten and that everyone has loved him.  CJ is truly grateful and he hugs his mother.  Clarke is so grateful for the day that CJ was born.  He thinks that his parents are responsible for the party but they arenít.  Darla didnít do it either.  Suddenly, he remembers that Bridget was probably behind this.  She isnít there as far as anyone knows.  CJ goes running out of the room.

Bridget is in her room when CJ comes to see her.  It was she who planned the party for him.  She tells him that it was nothing.  She is packing her things.  She made a great party and she would like him to get back downstairs and enjoy the party. She was wrong about him but he tries to explain.  He was the one that was wrong.  She is a really nice person and he shouldnít have treated her the way that he did. He is sorry and he was the one that was in a bad mood.  He is always in a really bad mood.  He feels that he has reason to be grumpy. She tells him that he is not the only one that has bad days.  He would like to talk to her, but she will not listen. She grabs her bag to leave, but he grabs her arm and pulls her roughly to him.  They are not face to face with only inches between them, staring into each otherís eyes.

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