The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/8/02

By Glynis

Darla brings groceries for CJ, as he hasnít been around the family lately.  He has been really busy. He has been doing a good job at the restaurant.  Darla thinks that maybe he should be looking a little more closely at Bridget.  She wants to know what has been going on. She thinks that this is great.  He assures her that nothing is going on with he and Bridget.  He is not interested in Bridget or anyone. He found the love of his life and he doesnítí want anyone else.  His wife is dead now.  He has pictures of Becky all over the apartment.  Darla sees that and she assures him that it is okay to let go of her now.

Clarke and Bridget sit in Insomnia and they talk about the birthday surprise that is being set up for CJ.  Bridget has everything set up and no one is going to come in as she has booked the restaurant for a private party.  Clarke says that he is happy that she is doing this.  No one has been able to reach CJ for a long time.  Bridget assures him that this is only a party.

Brooke is with her baby and Stephanie is there. She has been an amazing help.  Whip was there earlier to talk about the baby.  They discussed things and Whip understands that the baby comes first.  Brooke is going to put her romantic life on hold for a while.  Stephanie is glad to hear that, as she is not going to be around for a while to keep an eye on Brooke.  She tells her of her trip and Brooke finds that to be pretty romantic.  Stephanie wants to make sure that Brooke is going to be all right with her leaving.  Stephanie would like to go on the trip.  Brooke knows that Whip and Thorne will help her if she needs help.  Stephanie is worried that Brooke will get distracted.  Brooke knows that Stephanie needs this time to take care of herself.  She has been looking after the family for a long time now.  The family depends on Stephanie, like Brooke does.  Stephanie can see what losing Bridget has done to Brooke, but Brooke is not really sure still that she can handle all of this by herself.  Brooke is sure that she can do this.  Stephanie asks her again to put her pride aside and truly answer as to whether she would like Stephanie to stay and put off her trip.  Brooke has been thinking about her future and the babyís future. She tries not to have negative thoughts and go down the wrong path. She canít turn to her mother and her father, and so she has to deal with Bridget and her work and the baby. She will be fine for now. She knows that she will be.  Stephanie loves the baby as if it was her own, and she will stay if she is needed.  Brooke couldnít ask Stephanie to give up her trip like that.  Stephanie gets the hint and she decides to stay.  That makes Brooke very happy and she throws herself on the woman hugging and kissing her.  Stephanie looks over to the infant and smiles at her.

CJ is back at work and he sees Bridget in the distance working hard.  He likes that she likes her job and the fulfilment that it gives her. He walks over to her and he talks to her sharply.  He saw her drop some guyís coffee and he orders her over to clean up the mess.  Clarke sees that he has snapped at Bridget and CJ tells him to mind his own business.  Clarke needs him to sign some tax papers.  Clarke wants him to come over later that night to sign the papers.  CJ will be there.  He walks off.  Darla knows that CJ is in one of his moods.  CJ has been frustrating. He has an amazing person inside of him, but he wonít let that guy out.  Why does Bridget put up with this? Bridget comes over and learns that CJ is going to be out of the restaurant so that she can decorate the place for CJ.  Darla and Clarke are glad that she has taken things by the reigns.  Darla watches the girl closely and something comes to her suddenlyÖCJ learns from the staff that there is going to be a big party there that night.  The party is going to be pretty big and she has scheduled everyone to come in.  CJ heads over to Bridget and asks her about the party that they are having that night.  CJ tells her that she has to cancel the party.  Bridget says that she canít cancel as the person that she has, as the contact person canít be reached.  CJ will not shut down the place for some party.  Bridget canít cancel anyway because she has already ordered the wine and the beer.  CJ canít handle all the plans that she has been making. He thanks Bridget for the little screw up that will be costing him a fortune. There is no credit card number for all of this, so maybe this person can even pay for the party that he wants to have.  CJ tells her that it is great getting to know her again, but he feels that she should get another job.  He is firing her.  She canít believe that.  This may be fun and games for her, but he has to run a business.  He tells her that he doesnít have a trust fund to dip into from time to time. She thought that they were friends.  He says that this has nothing to do with friendship.  She knows that he has no friends now.  He pushes everyone away.  He doesnít want this to be personal, it is just business.  That is it. She will just pack up her stuff and get out of there.  She walks away and CJ bangs on the counter.  The customers stare at him as if he is a nut.

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