The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/6/02

By Matthew

Okay, itís a new day. 

I wonder if Lance made it out alive. 

Amber tells Taylor that she is fixing her whole life today.  Sheís going to talk to Lance today and then to Rick after she finds out the truth.  Taylor warns her to be careful.  Amber leaves. 

Brooke doesnít understand Amberís behavior.  She doesnít think Amber could explain away spending the night with another man. 

Rick hopes Amber can talk to this jerk she was with and get some answers.  Nope. 

Sheila ironically adds honey to tea and tells herself that Lance got to greedy.  Erica comes out in her bathrobe and asks her what up.  Sheila says her tea just needed a little "buzz."  Okay, writers, thatís lame.  Erica doesnít understand how Amber could drag out this whole messy split up by claming there is a valid reason she ended up in bed with Lance.  Sheila says that people like Amber dig their own graves.  She smiles, thinking of Lance. 

The coroner labels Lanceís official cause of death as asphyxiation brought on by bee stings.  Woof, Lance looks pretty bad with all those whelps on his face.  The coroner zips up the body bag and says he shouldnít have stopped his allergy shots and should have at least had an adrenaline kit handy.  Although with that many bees, it may not have helped that much.  The police officer says that it doesnít make sense that he would sleep with the windows open and no screens.  Amber comes rushing in and is shocked to hear Lance is dead. 

Amber asks what happened and is told.  The EMT says that whatever Amber needed to talk to Lance about, it isnít going to happen.  Amber doesnít know what sheís going to do. 

Brooke tells Rick that taking a stand here, even if it means ending his marriage, may just be the right thing to do. 

Ziggy comes by and complains that Erica is parked in her spot again.  Heís been out all morning and now he canít even park is spot.  Looks like heís growing some kind of goatee without the mustache.  Sheila tells him that sheíll move her car once she gets out of the shower.  A couple of cheesy "bee" puns later, Ziggy asks Sheila how she would spend any time with her daughter if she marries Rick.  Sheila says that doesnít matter.  Ziggy gets a phone call.  Itís about Lance.  Sheila looks up. 

Rick is pretty unsympathetic when Amber comes by without an explanation.  She tries to explain, but heís tired of excuses. 

Ziggy is horrified to hear that Lance was killed by a swarm of bees.  Sheila acts like she doesnít know what happened.  He explains what happened to Lance.  Ziggy blames himself because he didnít put in the screens on the windows.  Sheila says it isnít his fault.  It was an accident.  Suddenly, Ziggy realizes that Sheila may have had something to do with this.  He asks her if she did it.  Sheila denies it and says it was accident.  Ziggy leaves to go ID Lance at the morgue.  After he leaves, Sheila warns Ziggy not to ask too many questions as well as Amber.  They wonít like her sting.

Amber and Rick argue and finally Amber leaves saying that one day she will be back and when that day comes, Rick will take her back. 

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