The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/5/02

By Matthew

Taking bets to see if Lance makes it through the show. 

Amber tells Taylor she has great news.  She talked to Lance and now she knows he is hiding something. She tells her who his story changed about the tequila shots and margaritas.  Taylor is surprised to hear that Amber bumped into Erica and Rick at the coffee house.  Yeah, that ended the little conversation between Amber and Lance before he could tell her the truth.  On that note, Amber calls Lance to reinforce how much she wants to hear the truth.  He stalls her until tomorrow when he says he’ll spill his guts.  Amber is thrilled, but Taylor isn’t so sure.  She thinks that Amber might need to meet him in a public place or at least let her go with her. Amber says that would scare Lance and she doesn’t want to do that.  Taylor tells her to be careful and wonders if Amber might be mad at him if he tells her he did something terrible to her.  Amber just wants her marriage back. 

Sheila goes outside and sees the bees buzzing away in the tree.  Okay, question, are bees that active at night?  Even at the nest?  I would think they’d be looking for pollen during the day not at night, but whatever.  Sheila tells Lance that he better not force her hand. 

Lance calls Sheila and tells him that he can stall Amber until after the banks open tomorrow, but she only has until 10AM to come up with the money.  Otherwise, he’s gums are flappin’.  Sheila pleads with him to not do this, but he hangs up.  Sigh. 

Lance talks with his friend in New York (what time is it) who is going out now, but Lance is staying at home and eating a peanut butter and honey sandwich.  How convenient.   He gets it all over his clothes and his hands.  He tells his friend he may be heading out to New York to live real soon and he’ll have tons of cash.   He then decides to go to sleep. 

Since he forced her hand, Sheila gets her bee gear (I know…who the hell would have a bee net and hat available?).  She collects a whole bunch of bees from the tree in a jar that has a tube for them to breathe air.  She thinks to herself that Lance did this to her.  Okay, back from the break, Sheila goes to Lance’s apartment and ties a rope to his door handle and one to another handle across the way.  (He’ll be trapped, because he won’t be able to open the door.) Then she cracks open his window and lets the bees in.  Sinister.

Erica says that Amber just has a bunch of excuses, but Rick doesn’t need that.  He needs a real woman who will be there for him.  Amber calls and realizes Erica is there and tells Rick not to listen to Erica.  She’ll have an explanation tomorrow morning. 

The bees crawl over Lance who finally wakes up when one stings him.  He runs to the door and screams that he can’t breathe, but of course the door won’t open.  He runs to the window when he sees Sheila and begs her to call 911.  He realizes that she did this to him and she tells him that the next time he plans to blackmail someone; he had better know who he is dealing with.  With that, Lance falls to the ground.  His lights are out.  Sheila laughs and walks away.  The camera pans out on Lance’s motionless body. 

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