The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 8/02/02

By Matthew

 Okay hereís what happened.

Erica and Amber have it out about what happened the other night.  Amber realized that Erica was more interested in getting Rick than being a supportive friend.  Erica says she used to idolize Amber but those days are over.  Against Ericaís wishes, Amber rushes upstairs to talk to Rick.  After some loud arguing, Rick comes out and gives Amber just one minute to explain what happened.  Amber says that she knows something suspicious is going on about the other night and thatís why she was talking to Lance.  She wants Rick to give her the chance to prove her innocence.  He hopes she can do that. 

Lance is totally freakiní out about Amberís truth spree.  He rushes into Ericaís apartment and swats away the bees.  Okay, story development, thatís right.  He goes from being scared about Amberís questions (he informs Sheila he fucked up his story arousing Amberís suspicions) to blackmailing Sheila for 100 gís.  Sheila genuinely tells him she doesnít have that kind of money.  He seems to think he needs that much money to get out of town for good.  He gives her a choice.  Either she gets the money to him by tomorrow, or heíll go to Amber.  Heís convinced that Amber, and everyone else will let him off the hook if he comes clean now.  Dammit Lance, you are so stupid.  You donít want to push Sheila into a corner like that. 

Taylor tells Stephanie that she thinks there is more to this whole story with Amber than meets the eye.  She doesnít think it makes any sense that Amber would do something like this.  Not after all the success and happiness she got through creating and marketing her whole line.  Stephanie is skeptical, but Taylor manages to cast some doubt on Amberís betrayal and terrible behavior. 

Sheila angrily kills a bee that Lance into the apartment earlier.  She doesnít know what to do.  Then, she looks at the dead bee (and all the juice that came from it after she squashed it) and actually rubs it a little.  Yuck.  I would squish them as a kid accidentally in the back yard with my foot.  Unfortunately, I was always stung.  I knew Lanceís allergy to bees would come into play later.  Sheila looks around sinisterly and the wheels start turning. KILL LANCE!  KILL LANCE!  KILL LANCE!

Weíll see how it all ends next week. 

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