The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/01/02

By Matthew

Erica is turning against Amber more and more and eventually takes Rick to Insomnia for some coffee. Bridget is feeling pretty lousy after Brooke visited and CJ notices.  Then, she thinks she's Deacon, but it's actually a customer who looks like him.  This prompts her to take a break to her room.  In there, CJ tries to find out why Bridget is so frazzled.  She reveals that Deacon had an affair and she knows the woman he did it with. 

Amber tries unsuccessfully to pry the truth out of Lance.  Lance eventually slips and said they were drinking margarita.  oops.  No, actually, that was tequila shots.  Amber calls him on the mistake and he can't hide the truth from her.  I think he's about to tell her, but then Rick comes in and is furious that Amber is with this loser from last night.  He storms out with Erica.  Damn.  Lance leaves as well. 

At there house, Amber runs in to try and talk to Rick.  Erica is downstairs and tells her he went to bed sick.  Amber is determined to go upstairs and see him, but Erica tells her that she needs to leave him alone.  Amber tries to explain why she was meeting Lance, but Erica gives her attitude. Amber realizes this is none of her business and tells her to get out. She starts to go upstairs when Erica says that if Rick were her husband she wouldn't treat him this way.  Amber realizes that Erica isn't just there for Little Eric.  She wants Rick. 

Uh-oh. Show time!

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