The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/31/02

By Matthew

Wow! I think Thorne is on a date.  Oh damn, he’s just with Brooke.  Okay, they’re really doing her makeup a lot better than the last hmm, like 9 months.  They look at baby pictures of Brooke’s little girl.  Thorne remarks that she likes the water and suggests she and Brooke come over so she can put her feet in the water.  Brooke tells Thorne that Whip is staying with the baby tonight prompting an annoyed “oh” from Thorne.  Thorne just thinks it’s funny that Brooke’s husband is staying at home so they can go to dinner.  He wonders what is really going on here.  Brooke simply states they are eating dinner.  Hey why is she drinking?  I thought you weren’t supposed to do that while you breast fed. 


Erica cleans up after Eric and Rick comes down stating that he fell asleep half way through the story.  Rick is concerned that Amber hasn’t called, but figures she hasn’t gotten settled.  Erica points out that Amber had it all, but blew it.  Rick says it isn’t that simple.  Amber’s mom (Tawny) was nuts and she never knew her dad.  When something terrible happens, like her losing the baby, it just reinforces all the bad shit.  Erica doesn’t buy that reasoning.  Erica says her mom is the worst of all and she hasn’t done things like that.  She says there is no excuse for what Amber did. 


Taylor invites Stephanie in, who is not with Mass.   She knew Taylor might be a little lonely with Ridge being gone.  Taylor says the kids miss Ridge so much and in fact they are sending him another email right now.  Stephanie says she’ll send him one to.  Just then, Amber comes out.  Stephanie asks her what she is doing there and states to Taylor that she probably knows more of the story than her ( Taylor ).  Amber remarks that she told Taylor everything.  Taylor clarifies that Amber told her everything she remembers.  One of the big questions revolves around the alcohol.  Stephanie wants to know why Amber hasn’t checked herself into the clinic for help.  Amber says she doesn’t feel she needs to be there.  Stephanie says that this tells her that Amber isn’t very serious about her recovery and that she is very disappointed in her. Ouch. 


Amber says that this guy’s story doesn’t add up and she has to find out the truth.  Stephanie tells her the truth is right there inside of her, but she doesn’t see her looking for it.  Stephanie gruffly excuses herself.  Meow!  Taylor hugs Amber as she sobs. 


Brooke and Thorne laugh about how atypical Stephanie’s behavior has been towards her.  He then asks about her wedding and why she did it.  She says that it was the right thing to do at the time, but now its time to move on.  Thorne says she doesn’t realize how difficult it is to get over her.  Brooke laughs.  Oh please!


Rick agrees that he cuts Amber too much slack, but it’s hard when you love someone.  Erica worries that she could end up like Amber because she used to idolize her.  Rick says Erica has a confidence about her that Amber never had. 


Amber understands Stephanie’s opinion and worries about the other family member’s thoughts.  Amber realizes she has a lot of work to do.  She calls Megan to try and get a hold of Caitlin. 


Rick thinks Stephanie is the only one who understands why he loves Amber.  Erica knows why.  She’s fun, impulsive, and creative.  But sometimes you can be in love with someone and they aren’t right for you. 


Amber talks to a pretty angry Caitlin.  Finally, she gets Lance’s number from her and Caitlin tells her to tell Lance to lose her number.  Meow.  Then, Amber calls Lance who doesn’t really want to meet her.  She gets his attention when she threatens to call the police.  They’re meeting at Insomnia.  NOW!!


Thorne refreshes Brooke’s glass.  Thorne reveals that he isn’t dating anyone, unless this counts.  Brooke reminds him she is still married. Thorne points out that that means they have more of a chance, since Brooke likes bad boys.  Brooke says she is over that phase.  Hmm, okay?  Thorne says that they’ll see about that.  Oh you’re so terrible, Thorne!


Erica says she thinks Rick can do better than Amber.  Rick laments that he misses Amber so much.  Same old, same old. 


Amber enjoys some coffee and bread in Insomnia and then she spots Lance.  Amber says there is no way she could ever been attracted to that, even if she was drunk.  She realizes he is lying.  When he shows up he calls her “babe” which annoys her.  She tells him to sit down and screams for him to sit down when he doesn’t want to.  He complies and Amber tells him she has questions and this time she wants the truth.  Lance tries not to look too scared.     

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