The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/30/02

By Matthew

Rick explains to Bridget what happened to Amber all night.  He reiterates that he didnít kick her out, but he wasnít ready to forgive her.  Bridget completely understands why he couldnít forgive her.  Then he tells her how he could have stopped Amber from leaving, but he didnít.  Bridget says that was a good thing.  This catches Rick a little off guard. 


Amber comes into Taylor ís house.  She makes sure Ridge isnít there before coming.  Amber tells her that she canít tell him about this because heíd just use that against her and Rick.  Taylor wants to know what is going on.  After some reassurance that her story will be held in confidence, Amber tells Taylor that she got drunk, or at least she think she did but she canít remember.  She then explains, much to Taylor ís shock, that she ended up in some guyís bed.  They guy said that they took tequila shots and then she came on to him.  Nothing happened, but in the end, Amber passed out in this guyís bed.  She also explains how she told Rick the truth and that her marriage is over.  Amber breaks into sobs and hugs Taylor . 


Sheila fixes some pasta and sauce for dinner and in walks Erica.  Erica says she canít stay because she has to watch Little Eric.  She also explains how Amber moved out.  Sheila sadistically smiles.  Sheila tries to keep her face in check, but Erica knows that she is just thrilled about this.  Sheila says that in her heart that she knows this is best for Rick.  Erica canít believe Amber would do this after all her speeches about love and honor. 


Rick says he doesnít want his marriage to be over, but Bridget says that avoiding truth will only prolong the inevitable.  Rick thinks that if she just hadnít of lost the baby things would be so different now.  Bridget hugs her brother and says this might motivate Amber to get the help she needs.


Amber doesnít know why she would do something like that.  Taylor tries to figure out why Amber would do this.  She wonders if maybe in spite of the party, Amber was feeling low about her baby.  Nope, she was feeling so proud about the ďTele-SaveĒ thing.  Okay, was the pressure causing tension between her and Rick?  Nope, it actually brought them closer.  Okay, was she feeling like she was under a microscope by Rick? Nope, even though he asked her not to drink, it wasnít a big deal at all at least then.  She says she only had one glass, but she really felt it.  She guesses maybe her tolerance was way down since she hasnít drank in weeks, but wonders at why she would have such a reaction.  Taylor guesses there is more to this story. 


Erica thinks Sheila wants her to make a play for Rick.  On the contrary, Sheila says Erica has basic human decency and wouldnít do something like that.  Unlike Amber, and also YOU SHEILA!! How the hell can she actually say these things when she just did a terrible thing?! Argh.  Delusion city baby.  Sheila says Erica should be there for Rick if he needs it.  Erica leaves for Rickís place.  After she leaves, Sheila is jumping for joy. 


Rick and Bridget get into a little spat when she starts comparing Deacon and Amber.  He thinks that she may not be the right person to talk to about this.  Bridget apologizes, but says that he may not be able to trust Amber again. 


Amber thinks Taylor is accusing her of lying. All Taylor was saying is that the story doesnít add up.  How much does Amber know about this guy?  Amber realizes she knows nothing about Lance.  Taylor says there are a lot of unanswered questions that revolve around this man.  Like why would Amber hit on him if he came with a date and also why would she drink tequila?  Taylor advises she check this guy out.  Amber realizes that there is a possibility that she didnít do anything wrong.  Amber seems to have a whole new look on things.  Taylor invites her to stay in her guest room.  Amber says sheís going to find out what really happened.


Rick canít believe things are ending this way.  He recalls tender moments between he and Amber.  Like when they finally got Little Eric back and their marriage in May of 2001.  Also, when they were out in Europe in 2000, or late 1999?  Erica shows up to comfort Rick.  Rick worries about what heíll tell Eric now that Amber is gone.  They hug and Erica gets way too into it. 


Sheila pours a glass of wine and says Amber has lost her touch.  Amber just gave up so easily.  She thanks her for that and says Rick is with Erica now.  She drinks to her and laughs that this is some of her best work and no one will ever know about that, but itís okay.  Bottoms up!


Amber picks up a wine glass and says that one glass of wine would never affect her that way.  Especially not to the point where she would do shots with some poser (snicker).  Sheís going to find out what the hell really happened. 


FYI.  ďGet it on UpdateĒ Amber pressures Lance about what really happened that night and knows he is hiding something.  

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