The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/29/02

By Matthew

Amber asks Rick for another chance, but he scoffs at that.  Amber pleads that she doesnít know what happened last night.  Rick screams that she went home with another man and ended up in his bed.  He says that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and that there has to be a certain level of trust.  Amber apologizes and heads upstairs. 


Bridget wants to know what Brooke is there.  She just wanted to check up on her.  Bridget retorts she is fine and that she canít talk now because she is working.  Brooke tries to bridge the gap between her and Bridget, but to no avail.  Bridget is happy to hear Deacon is gone because he couldnít offer anything to Brooke, well except a baby, who by the way still doesnít have a name.  Bridget tells Brooke to focus on the baby and not her and walks into the back.  Brooke cries a little, but maintains her composure.  CJ comes out and huffs when he sees Brooke. 


CJ confronts Brooke, who says she is on her way out, but not because of him.  He agrees that she is leaving because of Bridget.  He says he isnít surprised she is mad at her, everyone eventually sees Brooke for who she really is.  Brooke reasons that CJ hired Bridget to get back at her, but he says that they all think Bridget is so helpless and that they donít give her enough credit.  CJ thinks Brooke may have realized that. 


Eric pays Rick a visit.  He finds out what happened with Amber.  Eric is worried about Amber, but is more concerned about Rick.  All this chaos and trouble with Amber must be taking its toll on him.  He reasons that after a while you canít help people, they have to help themselves.  Rick says that he is committed to Amber, but Eric worries that Amber will take him and their son down with her. 


Amber comes downstairs with suitcases and is dressed.  She tells Rick she is leaving.  He doesnít want her to leave, but she reasons itís because he is afraid for her and what might happen to her. She says that isnít a reason to stay in a marriage.  They argue about what marriages are supposed to be like.  She asks him if he would be relieved if she walked out of that door and he never had to deal with her again.    


Erica tells Sheila that she doesnít want to be a home wrecker.  Sheila points out that she said she didnít want to interfere in a marriage where the two people were so good for each other.  But in reality, are they?  I love how Sheila can wreck lives from inside an apartment.  Bleh.  Erica worries about Rick.  She thinks Amber had a relapse.  Sheila doesnít think Amber respects her marriage, so why should she? 


Sheila thinks the marriage is over.  I mean what would happen if Amber started bringing these men home.  She reasons that as long as Rick is married to Amber, all these bad things will keep happened.  Because of you, Sheila?  She thinks that it doesnít matter though, because Amber is on her way out now. 


Amber eventually leaves the house and takes her ring off and puts it on the step.  She cries as she leaves.  Rick is inside crying, but decides to run after her.  He runs outside and sees her ring there.  He picks it up and cries. 

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