The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/26/02

By Matthew

Amber has returned home and Rick is demanding that she tell him where she has been all night. She disappeared from the party and she didnít stay in all night. She doesnít know what to say to him. She has done this so many times before. This time was different. She has no idea. Erica is watching this whole thing go down. He asks her about the guy that she was with. He asks Erica to leave them alone so that he can talk to his wife in private. Erica leaves and Rick slowly turns to Amber. She was with the man but she canít remember. The night was a blur, how convenient. She remembers being at the party and then that was it. She is sure that nothing happened. Rick is having a hard time. How can she remember that she didnít make love to this guy if she canít remember the night? She abandoned her family again. Amber doesnít know why she left with the guy. She was told that she was doing Tequila shots. She blacked out. What is Rick to do with this information now? He is supposed to think that this is okay? They made a commitment and he has held up his end of the bargain. Does she realize what she has done? What are they supposed to do now? She would never jeopardize everything that is dear to her but she did. Rick canít get over it. She has let him down again. Rick doesnít know her at all. She is sure that she is the same woman that he married but she doesnít know what happened. She needs a good explanation but she doesnít have one. Rick will not listen to her. This is definitely going to affect their marriage, and she hates herself for hurting him. What is he thinking about her? She is a horrible person and a failure. She has blown it as she always does. She tells him that this is up to him what happens next. She will do whatever he wants her to do. She wants to show him how much she loves him. This is the last time that she will ever ask him to do a favour like this. ďPlease RickÖForgive meÖĒ

Brooke gets a visit from Stephanie who has brought tea for them to share. Brooke realizes that a good thing has come out of this tragedy. Stephanie has been giving her a second chance in life. The most important thing is the baby and her mother. Brooke would like to see her daughter but Stephanie tells her that Bridget doesnít want to see her. Bridget is trying to get her life back in order with CÖ Stephanie almost lets the cat out of the bag, but it doesnít matter, Brooke figures out what she was about to say. She knows now that Bridget is working at Insomnia. Brooke canít stand this separation from her daughter. She knows that Bridget is angry with her but that is why she has to see the girl. She wants Bridget to know that she can come and talk to her mother anytime that she wants. Brooke wants absolution but she canít get that now. Bridget is not ready for her mother. The baby starts crying. Stephanie begs her not to push Bridget, as she may never forgive her. Brooke doesnít move to check on the baby so Stephanie goes to do it for her. Brooke gets an idea. She grabs her purse and quietly leaves the house.

Bridget is at work but it is time for her break. CJ is going to take a break with her. He would like to talk to her. She has done nothing wrong and is actually doing okay for a rookie. They sit together to have a break and an ice tea. CJ Tells her that he would like to know some things from her about what is upsetting her. He has opened up to her and she should do the same. He thinks that whatever is wrong has something to do with Brooke.

Lance and Sheila talk and she gives him the money. He warns her never to call her again. As long as he has done his job right, she will not have to call him ever again.

Erica goes home and talks to Sheila about things that have happened with the Foresters lately. Sheila is secretly pleased as pudding but Erica is sincerely worried about Amber.

Brooke makes her way over to the Insomnia and she finds Bridget there. Bridget looks up and sees her mother staring back at her. Brooke says hi.  

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