The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/25/02

By Matthew

Quick recap time!

Rick canít find Amber and he is super stressed.  He talks to Eric on the phone about what happened.  Erica comes in and overhears and after getting off the phone, Rick asks Erica if she has seen Amber.  She didnít come home last night at all. 

CJ pays Bridget a visit to thank her for her kind words last night.  He reiterates that he is not suicidal at all.  He then leaves saying that he knows it must be hard for her to understand.  Bridget later says that she understands all too well. 

Ziggy comes over looking for Lance saying he couldnít get in touch with him last night.  Sheila guesses it was a hot date.  Erica calls Sheila and explains what happened.  Sheila advises her to stay with Rick, he may need someone.  After getting off the phone, Erica reveals she saw Amber with someone during the party.  She saw Amber with someone and he was holding her.  Erica tries to play devilís advocate and says Rick should give her the benefit of the doubt. 

Amber wakes up with a terrible headache.  She has no clue where she is.  When Lance wakes up, Amber freaks out and says she wants out right now.  Lance explains that Amber was all over him last night.  Amber wonders what she has done.

Sheila explains that she sent Lance on a job for her.  She sent him to knock out Amber with pills and then the final act is occurring right now. 

CJís mood went from good to awful in 5 seconds.  He tells one worker to put more muscle in his cleaning and another to change the sign if they run out of a particular kind of coffee. When Bridget comes in, worker 1 uses his eyes to show that CJ is in a bad mood.  After CJ spots Bridget, he orders her to sweep the sidewalk and change the tape in the register. 

CJís working on the books and his bad mood worsens.  Worker 1 tells worker 2 that he canít understand why CJ is so unhappy.  He should be on top of the world with all he has now. 

Sheila reveals her plan to Ziggy, but he doesnít think it will work at all. 

Amber totally freaks when she realizes she was there all night.  Lanceís story is that he and Amber took tequila shots and got really smashed and then she got frisky and last they made it to his place. Fortunately no sex took place because Amber had already passed out. 

Amber doesnít think Rick could forgive her for this. Lance isnít so sure.  Amber is so ashamed and runs on home after borrowing a shirt from Lance. 

  Ziggy tells Sheila that what she did was wrong.  Lance calls Sheila and tells her that the plan worked out perfectly.  He then tells her to never call her again.  Ziggy and Sheila fight about who was really is right in this. Sheila says the marriage is over now. 

Rick says that nothing happened last night.  Amber shows up and tells him how sorry she is.  Ah poor Amber! 

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