The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Glynis

The pool party is underway and Amber makes a speech about how great Eric has been to her since she has come to work for Forester. All stand by and listen to her gloss over the fact that selling the clothes on television was her idea. She only takes a little credit. They raise their glasses to Eric and Rick, the ones that run the company. Amber's drink has been drugged and only time will tell what is going to happen once she takes a drink. Sheila has come up with this magnificent idea and has hired someone to take care of her. The man is very nervous about doing this job, but Sheila has promised him $10,000 for his help with this, so he found it hard to refuse. He stands by and carefully watches her with her drink in her hand. This is the new Amber now. She assures her husband that things are going to be good from now on. He is so proud of her. She only speaks the truth when she says that she is going to do her very best for Rick and her family from now on. She is having white wine, even though Rick thinks that she shouldn't be having any alcohol. She assures him that one glass of wine isn't going to hurt her or turn her into a freak. Erica watches as Amber drinks her wine, so does the man that drugged her drink. Spanish music is playing and the man watches as Amber talks to everyone at the party with the drink in her hand. She sips from it from time to time...Whip comes over to Amber and they discuss again the success of the company recently...Eric is glad to see Amber smiling again. She is really enjoying herself. Rick and Amber have a lot to celebrate, as they all do...Amber starts dancing and the man is watching her as a bee comes to him. He swats it away and moves away from the crowd. Lance calls Sheila and tell her that nothing is happening to Amber. The tranquilizers are not doing anything. As he talks to her, Amber starts stumbling around. Lance will call her back. He hangs up...Amber stumbles away from the crowd and finds somewhere quiet to sit. Lance follows her and sees her where she stops.

Zingy is asking Sheila what is going on. He knows that whatever it is, it has to do with Amber and Rick. Sheila can't help smiling when he says that to her. She does have something up her sleeve, but she isn't going to reveal that to Ziggy. She hasn't been able to understand that her daughter doesn't want to break up a happy marriage. She doesn't realize that she has what it takes to make a man like Rick happy. Sheila is just giving her daughter a gentle push in the direction that will make her have a happy life, or so she thinks. Sheila only knows that her daughter deserves to be happy and she will do anything to accomplish that. Sheila thinks that Amber destroyed her life and she is not going to forget that. She has no sympathy for the little witch. She deserves everything that is coming her way. Ziggy is there when Lance calls about the tranquilizers. He is telling her that he has done his job, but that nothing seems to be happening. Sheila knows that the drugs that Amber has been given are enough to knock out a horse, so she can't understand what is going on over there. Suddenly, Lance has to go, something seems to be happening. Ziggy hears part of the conversation and seriously wonders what Sheila is doing. Now he knows that she is up to something bad. He can't believe that Sheila has gotten Lance involved in something. Ziggy warns her that Lance is not the type of person that she thinks. Sheila says that she is only doing something special. Ziggy changes his mind and doesn't want to know anything about what Sheila is doing. She is a bad lady to know.

Bridget comes into CJ's room and finds CJ upset about something. He is hurt and looks like he may have been crying. Whatever it is, he doesn't want to talk about it with her. She tries to offer a helping hand but he shouts at her to please leave him alone. She turns quietly and leaves the room. She goes to be alone and soon someone is knocking at the door. She opens it to find CJ there. "Hey..." he says. "Hey..." she says. He apologizes for how he treated her. She didn't deserve that. She has been trying to be a positive person all along and he has been snapping at her every chance that he got. She asks him in but he is reluctant to do that. Finally he enters and she closes the door behind them. She knows that CJ misses his son and family terribly. He has lost a lot in the last little while and she forgot that. She is sorry for that. She wants to apologize too...she didn't see his problems as she was wrapped up in her own problems. She didn't stop to think about what must be causing his anger. He has lost his sister and wife and he must be sad about that. She feels a little selfish now. ***He would like to forget all about what has been happening. He can't talk about any of this without getting totally upset. Bridget is very sorry for this. So is he. She would like to hang out but CJ says that he is not the best company right now. She knows that he must feel worse at night. That is when people think about stuff...things that can't be changed or understood. Everything has happened to him so fast. He thought that he would have had more time with his loved ones. Macy was always there for him and things were different with Becky. When he fell in love with her, he didn't know that she was sick. She didn't have much time. She was going to miss out on so much and he wanted to give her as much as he could. Time was so precious then. The last weeks were the best weeks of his life and then she was gone and he got so wrapped up in his grief that he didn't see what was happening to Macy and now she is gone. One day you are there and the next you are not. He tells himself that they will always be with him but still he misses them so much. Bridget goes to him and touches his shoulder. She feels his pain.

Rick goes over to Fiona and tells her that she did a great job with the show...Thorne watches Erica and knows that she is infatuated with Rick. Thorne knows that this is more than infatuation. Erica knows that Rick and Amber have a solid relationship. Things would be different if the marriage wasn't that good...Amber is sitting on a stone bench and she is doubled over. Lance goes over to her and offers to help her. He introduces himself to her and tells her that he saw her stumbling over by the pool. He offers to get her some water. He assures her that everything is going to be all right. She wants to go back to her husband, but he stops her, telling her to take a couple of deep breaths. She falls in his arms. He catches her telling her that she shouldn't worry as he is going to take great care of her. As he is holding her, Erica happens upon them and she is shocked to find Amber in the embrace of another man. She leaves as quietly as she came and no one is any the wiser that she has been there...Back at the pool area, Rick is looking everywhere for his wife. She is nowhere to be found and no one remembers seeing her recently. Meagan thinks that maybe Amber has gone inside. Rick is sure that everything is okay. Rick goes off to find her...Lance tells Amber that he has nothing against her but that Sheila does. He assures her that he doesn't want to hurt her, he only wants to pay his bills...Rick comes over to Erica and tells her that he would like to find Amber who has got to be around there somewhere. Erica stays silent...Lance has taken Amber far from the party and he calls Sheila. He tells her that they are almost to the car. Sheila assures him that she isn't hurt. The drug will wear off in the morning. He only cares about this money that he is to get. She warns him not to call her again until later. Amber is out cold. Lance assures Amber that this is all going to be over soon.

Sheila knows that this is going to be it. This is going to be Amber's last night as Mrs. Rick Forester. Oh! It is so good for her to be back. She smiles into the night!

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