The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/23/02

By Matthew

It's party time at the Forrester mansion. Thorne is in his bathing suit and he and Kristen and Eric think this was a great idea. Whip is in a jolly mood, but reveals that Brooke isn't coming tonight. After eyeing some of the models, Thorne says to Eric that they need to keep the models around the house more often. Okay, we realize Thorne still has a sex drive.

Sheila asks Lance if he has the pills. Yeppers. Where did he get them from? Sheila? Anyway, Lance isn't sure how he'll get them in Amber's glass without her seeing. Sheila goes over step by step how to do it. She says he is an actor and he can do it. She tells him he will come through for her and by the way the conversation never happened. Lance leaves to meet Caitlin.

Darla drops off a cherry pie at CJ's place. When she tries to explain that working for Ridge isn't bad at all, CJ snaps at her. He apologizes for that, but says he is under a lot of stress. Later, he reveals that someone is renting the apartment next door.

Stephanie is shown Bridget's apartment and thinks it's very cozy. She wonders why she would choose to live here when she has a trust fund and everything. Bridget says she wants to do this on her own. Stephanie can identify with that and says it reminds her of her college days with Eric. Bridget says she isn't wearing blinders anymore and now she feels like a totally new person. Stephanie tells Bridget she is very proud of her.

Thorne and Megan talk, but then he goes to turn the music down because Eric wants to say something. Eric thanks everyone for being there. Eric admits he hated the Tele-Save idea at first, but is proud of Rick and Amber for sticking to their guns and stuff. Erica seems a little alone after the speech when Amber and Rick are hugging. Lance shows up and offers to get Caitlin and Fiona a drink. While on the way to the drink man, Lance spots Amber.

Darla isn't sure why Bridget would move in next door to CJ. After all, she is loaded. Darla finds it a little weird and jokes that she me be able to hear them now. Darla asks if CJ still misses Macy and Becky. Of course he does. She starts to talk about Macy, but CJ isn't in the mood now. Darla understands and leaves, but not before telling him she loves him. (Not that way.)

Ziggy pays Sheila a visit to see if she wants a hamburger. When Sheila acts nice to Ziggy, he wonders what is up. She tells him that this is Erica's first Forrester pool party and that tonight is her night. He laughs that she is still on this Rick kick. Sheila explains there are tons of nobody's like Ziggy, and then there are the exceptional few greats like Eric and his son. Ziggy thinks its all about the money, but Sheila says it's about the quality of character. Erica deserves that and will get that.

When Amber orders a chardonnay, Rick wonders if that is a good idea. After all she was addicted to pills and alcohol can be an addiction. Amber assures it is okay and she'll just have one. After a few swigs, Amber dances with Rick and leaves her drink by the pool. Lance brings the ladies their drinks and then goes back to get his at the bar. He notices Amber's lonely drink and pulls out the pills.

CJ listens to one of Macy's CD's. It's such a pretty song. He paces around the room and looks at a picture of him and Becky. He starts to cry. In the other apartment, Bridget notices the music and probably that it is Macy's voice. She sits on one side of the wall and CJ is on the other. CJ recalls tender moments with Becky. One where they tossed pennies in fact. Hard to believe it's been two years since she died. The two kiss and we're back to reality. I guess CJ is finally grieving. Bridget goes to CJ's door, which isn't closed all the way and pushes the door open. He sees her and stares.

Sheila asks Ziggy if he remembers his first love. You know the one you'd do ANYTHINHG to be near? Ziggy isn't sure, but Sheila believes it's fate they made it back to LA and she's going to do whatever it takes to make sure Erica is with Rick. Ziggy wonders what she is up to.

Back at the party, Erica stares at Rick and Amber. Okay, Amber's glass look 's much fuller now. Rick stops the party and adds a few words. Rick thanks everyone including Amber for everything. During the speech, Lance dumps the pills in Amber's drink. After the speech Amber thanks Rick for his kind words and picks up her drink with the tainted chardonnay. Oh no!


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