The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/22/02

By Matthew

Yay B&B!

Sheila looks at Lanceís card some more and I guess he came back because she offered him a job.  Before she offers the job to him she asks a few questions.  Most of them are concerned with Caitlin his ex-girlfriend who models for Forrester.  Lance wonders what this has to do with the job, but Sheila quickly snaps that sheíll ask the questions.  Basically, Lance would like to hook up with Caitlin who he says was crazy about her, but heís too poor. Sheís used to modeling and big parties and he canít give that to her right now.  Sheila mentions that Caitlin will be at the Forrester party tonight and asks if he could get her to invite him to the party.  If he wanted to he could.  Sheila goes to a bag and pulls out and big clip of money, a grand to be exact.  Lance is floored and mentions he would kill for that kind of money.  Sheila then pulls out another $9000 and asks what he would do for that. He replies that heíd do anything at all.  Sheila he looks like a wuss, he couldnít handle that.  When he asks her what she wants him to do, she looks down at Amberís picture on a magazine, but then looks up and says she wants him to call Caitlin because tonight is party time.  He notices how she looked at Amberís picture. 

Amber and Thorne thank the models, Caitlin and Fiona for their work last night.  They both say theyíll be at the party tonight.  Thorne says they can invite a friend as well.  Amber jokes that if the friend is single; tell her that Thorne is available.  Thorne looks away embarrassed but in a funny kind of way. 

Bridgetís been reduced to busing tables, but she seems to be doing alright at Insomnia.  Rick pays her a visit.  She asks him about the Tele-Save thing.  He says it was a huge success and to celebrate, Eric is throwing a huge party.  Rick invites her to come.  She seems excited until he mentions Brooke will be there and then she says she is busy tonight.  Rick wonders why she would be doing this kind of work and thinks she shouldnít throw everything away at Forrester.  She says that she just doesnít want to go to the party.  He says that he knows that she left Deacon and itís taking its toll on her.  They all miss her back at Forrester.  The two share a hug as CJ watches.

Bridget says that one day sheíll talk about, but for right now itís too painful.  Rick guesses Deacon cheated on her and wishes he could ring his neck.  He tells her not to forget she is the sweetest person in the world.  Aww.  He offers her a place to stay or a shoulder to cry on if she ever needs it.  CJ comes over and Bridget worries that now she is in trouble.  He isnít an ass this time and says there is no rush to get back.  Bridget says she needs to anyway and gets back to it leaving the two gentlemen together.  A few snide comments lead into Rick asking CJ to keep an eye on Bridget.  She isnít as strong as she pretends to be.  They look over at Bridget taking an order. 

Okay, where did Sheila get all that money?  Working 3 jobs?  Well, whatever, okay disbelief, Iím suspending.  Sheila will give Lance 1000 dollars now and 9 more when the job is done.  The plan is to slip some sedatives into Amberís drink and make sure she passes out in the bedroom with Lance.  We donít get the full plan, just that something illegal will happen in the bedroom, which has Lance worried.  Of course, isnít drugging someoneís drink illegal? Oh whatever.  Sheila says it only matters if he gets caught, and in that case, they never had this conversation.  She says that if he does get caught then he misses out on all this money.  She takes one of the clips of money and rubs it on his lip.  Umm, gross.  Money is touched by everybody.  Sheila asks him if they have a deal. 

Amber and Thorne finish a little work. Thorne mentions itís good to see her back behind the desk.  Heís proud of how hard she has worked.  Amber goes on this long speech about how she heard Thorne and Rick talking the first day she got back. She also says that she is going to do right by Rick from now on. 

Erica tells Sheila she wonít like her swimsuit because it isnít revealing enough.  Sheila scoffs and says she will like it if Erica likes it.  Erica comes out in a two-piece that covers up a lot of her abdomen, well the top part anyway.  Sheila says she looks beautiful.  Erica notices Sheila is acting weird, almost like a real mom.  Sheila turns back into her old self.  She wonders what Erica would do if she found out Amber wasnít as perfect as she thought. 

Erica suggests that if Amber wasnít a good match for him (i.e. if they cheat on each other) she wouldnít feel the need to respect their marriage.  Sheila is happy to hear that.  Erica is weirded out and leaves for the party. 

Lance gives Caitlin a call and the two are pretty chummy.  She invites him to the party.  After getting off the phone, Lance nervously says he has to do this.  In one night heíll get 10 gís. 

Amber is packing up her stuff to leave for the party.  Rick comes in and jokes that she shouldnít be leaving yet.  Rick disappointedly says that Bridget isnít coming to the party. Amber wonders what happened between her and Deacon.  She says they should have been there for her, but Rick thinks sheíll get through it in the end.  The two talk some more and kiss. 

Sheila gets a call from Lance who informs her that he made plans to be at the Forrester party.  Sheila tells him to stick to the plan and heíll be 10,000 dollars richer tomorrow.  She hangs up and glances at Amberís photo.  She says and tomorrow Amberís marriage will be history.    

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