The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 7/19/02

By Matthew

Sheila reads the newspaper article that is entitled "Amber saves the Day.."  Sheila can’t believe anyone would think she could save anything.  Gosh, she really hates Amber.  She’s starting to suffer from broken record syndrome that plagues many characters on this show.  Sheila is eerily holding a knife throughout this.  Sheila wishes she could take everything away from Amber and starts tearing into the newspaper where Amber’s neck is, so much in fact that she dumps a cup of coffee all over her lap.  Hah!  She runs over to the sink to clean up, but again the pipes are broken.  After cursing Ziggy, she runs into the bathroom.  Just as she goes in, Ziggy and some other dude who looks like Ziggy’s younger brother (and talks like it) come in to fix the pipes.  Younger bro isn’t really into fixing things so much and wants him to blow this off.  He wants to go to the beach and maintain his tan. Okay, that’s a little gay, but whatever.  For some reason the dude has a "9" on his shirt.  Then, he runs over to the window and notices a bee’s nest and freaks out that he’s allergic to them and Ziggy should get rid of them.  Man, okay I can see how we’re setting up a story for later.  Ziggy suggests that he help him and stop whining.  Man, I really like Ziggy.  He tends to make sense.  The guy notices all the Forrester stuff and wonders why they have all this.  Ziggy says to cool it because the lady that lives here is very sensitive.  Sheila peers out right then. 

Amber and Rick are making out in his office.  Just then Brooke comes in with sales figures along with Eric and Thorne.  Despite the fact that they sold the line at a cheaper price, the profit margin was the biggest in Forrester’s history. Also, the amount of clothing sold yesterday was some kind of record.  Everyone congratulates Amber.  Rick laughs that Ridge must be dying to know that this was all his doing. 

Instead of showing us the Spectra fashion show, we get stills of what happened.  After that, the gang is at Spectra and all of them are reading the great reviews.  Taylor hugs Ridge and says that he accomplished everything he wanted to.  Ridge doesn’t look too thrilled though.  He shows everyone the article about Amber and that dampens the mood a little. 

Ziggy II notices an ex-girlfriend that still models for Forrester on one of the articles in the apartment wall.  He wants to call her, but knows he is just a loser without money. Okay, dude you have clothes, you’ve got muscles, I think you can make some money.  Ziggy suggests that he help him for extra money.  Ziggy II doesn’t want to do manual labor.  Ziggy asks him to come get a wrench he needs from his apartment, but the other dude could care less about that.  Ziggy leaves and bro checks out his face in the mirror. Lame.  Sheila walks up behind him and scares the crap out of him. 

Stephanie tells Ridge to stop whining and enjoy his success.  Even Sally is in a good mood despite the fact that Forrester didn’t come crumbling down.  She thanks Ridge for bringing back Spectra.  I think this manages to cheer him up some. 

Eric isn’t bothered by one review in the paper that chastises Forrester for selling out to Tele-Save.  He thanks them for putting Forrester on the highest financial ground they’ve been in on ever. 

Taylor picks out a dress she wants to wear to their victory dinner.  Ridge is in another world.  I guess he needs more cheering up.  Taylor tells him not to worry about Rick and Amber.  She tells him to let Amber have this successful time because her whole life will probably be ups and downs like it has been before.  Ridge on the other hand is a legend she says.  Okay, how huge is his ego now?

Brooke looks really good today.  She’s proud of Rick and Amber for using Tele-Save inspite of what the press says.  Erica shows up to tell Rick and Amber that Eric is in day care.  Rick takes this opportunity to thank Erica for inspiring the Tele-Save idea.  Erica is modest, but Eric congratulates everyone.  He wants to have a pool party for everyone, including the models tonight.  Wow!

Sheila tells bro that he shouldn’t be there.  He wonders what she’s going to do about it.   Watch it, slick.  Sheila makes fun of him for not having any money.  He gets angry that she was eavesdropping, but Sheila could care less.  When she makes fun of his dream to be a movie star (like every waiter in town, but wait he doesn’t have a job) he almost blows it, but then, he calms down and asks her if she has heard of any restaurant hiring.  My god, that IS PATHETIC!  Go to McDonald’s!  He leaves his card for her.  "Take a Chance on Lance"  Oh his name is Lance.  Lamo!  Lance goes to take a smoke and says to tell Ziggy where he is.  Sheila tears up his card after he leaves and says she has enough to worry about. 

Amber lies down and says she doesn’t deserve all this.  She tells Rick that she will never do anything to hurt him again.  Yeah yeah. 

Erica shows up and it’s the same old thing.  Sheila thinks they should be together, but Erica tells her to drop it.  She tells her she has to go to the party tonight and she needs a new bathing suit.  She leaves for the store.  Erica does mention as she leaves that it was hard for her to let it go, but she did.  Great.  Sheila is frustrated but then the wheels start turning.  She sees Lance’s card and mentions the party.  She says she playing hard ball now with Amber.  Tonight is Erica’s nice, with Sheila’s help.  You know what happens when people when Sheila plays hardball?  People die.  Sheila takes the pen and draws a red circle around Amber’s head then (and timed to the music) she lets the pen’s ink drop onto her head.  Sheila smiles sadistically and tells Amber goodbye.      

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