The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/11/02

By Matthew

Amber and Rick host the Tele-Save program and re excellent together. Forget about the designing/VP work. Sheila and Erica watch from home and she notes how cute the pair looks on TV. Sheila thinks it's staged, but Erica knows they adore each other. Rick and Amber take their first call, a woman named Vicky. She asks Amber if she would ever design wedding gowns. Amber says that would make sense because they have been married tons of times. Haha. How true. Sally watches in horror and notes the Forresters are like vampires. You kill them and then they just come back even stronger. Snicker. 

Sally is a little unnerved by being at the top so to speak. Darla, Taylor, and Sofia note that it's a lot better to be on top going into a fight then having to work your way up. The view the show room and it is totally packed. Everyone celebrates. Tony calls Kristen and they each check up on the other. They do, but Tony is swamped and probably nervous so they don't talk long. Caller 2 is Marilyn and she actually had a personal question about whether or not Brooke had her baby. She is thrilled to hear it was girl. Who by the way is still unnamed! Sheila is becoming angry and angrier at how good Amber is on TV. 

As Ziggy enters, hey it's Ziggy, she calls her a leech. Sheila tells Ziggy this whole thing was Erica's idea, but when she argues, says that Erica was the inspiration. She thinks to herself that Erica and Rick were meant for each other. When Ziggy questions Erica about whether Sheila is on her "trash Amber" stint again, she tells him to do his work and get out. Eventually Erica admits if she thought the marriage was a sham, she'd go for it with Rick. Sheila is relentless and eventually Erica storms out, again. Ziggy says he didn't say anything. Now the funnies thing. 

Caller three, Margaret calls and asks if Thorne is available! Everyone laughs and Rick jokes that even they don't know. Margaret isn't calling for herself, but for her niece who she thinks would make a cute gf for Thorne. Haha! Darla is caught trying to buy one of the Forrester pieces, but hangs up when Ridge comes in. Whew. Ridge and Taylor have a heart to heart about Eric and why he didn't come work with Ridge. Taylor feels that he is hurting right now and can't walk away from his life's work. She tells him it'll be the first time he walks out on the runway without his dad, but he can do it. By the end of the evening, the entire inventory is completely sold out which means the show abruptly ends as well. Rick gives Ridge a call and thanks him for what he made possible: the biggest sale in Forrester's history. The show ends with Ridge listening to tons of cheers and applause. 

Wow. Everything always works out in the end, doesn't it?

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